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Parannageevi Review: A Womanizer Jeevi

Parannageevi Review: A Womanizer Jeevi

“Parannageevi” is a counter web movie from Pawan Kalyan’s fans to defame Ram Gopal Varma since the maverick filmmaker made a satirical movie named “Powerstar” on their matinee idol.

While Ram Gopal Varma’s “Powerstar” doesn’t go beyond what was shown in the trailer, this movie turns out to be even worse.

The director of “Parannageevi” lacks the intellect acumen. Hence, the satirical dialogue hovers around the ‘level of Jabaradasth’ program.

In a no-holds-barred manner, “Parannageevi” hits out at Ram Gopal Varma depicting him as a womanizer, a filmmaker who practices casting couch, a person with no moral values. But the film with a runtime of 40 minutes doesn’t have a story or a proper screenplay to speak of. 

Director Nutan Naidu should have worked on the script if he intended to give a befitting reply to RGV.

Sample these dialogues to understand at what low the makers stooped to paint him as a lecherous man

- “Lift kavalante velu ettali…character kavalante emi ettalo telidaa…”

- Vodka naa peg loki ravali, figure naa pakkaloki ravali’,

- “Tupaki pelchadam rakapoyina Tutalu matram pakkanundali”

- “Nenu vodka tagutunnappudu…women pakknaa unnappudu nijame matladaatanu”.

Shakalaka Shankar who essays the role of RGV is in the usual self. Kathi Mahesh appears as a film producer. Lakshman as RGV’s assistant is okay.

The uninspiring writing, poor directorial skills, and incoherent sequences of “Parannageevi” make Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Powerstar” look like a far refined movie than this.

Beyond projecting RGV as a womanizer, the film achieves nothing. Of course, that was the intention of the makers.

Bottom-line: Substandard

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