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'New York' Review: It's Good

'New York' Review: It's Good

Film: New York
Rating: 3.5/5

Banner: Yash Raj Films
Cast: John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Irrfan Khan etc
Music: Pritam Chakraborty, Pankaj Awasthi, Julius Packiam
Cinematography: Aseem Mishra
Director: Kabir Khan
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Released On: 26 June 2009

This is a film that’s made with the backdrop of 9/11 attacks. Although it’s too late to watch something on those lines, Kabir Khan made an exhaustive attempt in making it enticing.

The story revolves around three youngsters Sameer (John), Maya (Katrina) and Omar (Neil) in USA. Initially Omar falls in deep love with Maya but shortly knows that she is already in love with Sameer.

And silently Omar moves away from her love. He returns after seven years of hibernation. He is arrested by FBI on false allegations and compels him to aid them to smoke out the suspected culprit Sameer who is alleged to be the head of a sleeper cell that plans to attack USA.

Omar helps the FBI as per their force. But is Sameer the real culprit? And is Omar really on his way to prove Sameer is the real criminal? That has to be watched on screen.


He is up to the mark and aptly grooved in the shoes of the character. He has delivered what has to be. But his role is little smaller when compared to that of Neil. John’s performance in jail episode is interesting.

He has got bigger scope to perform than John. His presence is felt in bigger way with this film after ‘Johnny Gaddar’.

She is at her best. She scores well both for performance and aptly suited for the role.

Irfan Khan repeats a routine cop role like in many of his earlier films. He is up to the mark and did what has to be done.

Technical Departments:
Commercial values of the film are outstanding. Although Kabir Khan is known to be a small film maker, his commercial extravaganza is seen in this flick. Cinematography is marvelous as it has canned many interesting locales of New York. Screenplay and Editing also falls on right track.

Music and Lyrics:
Music is not that catchy but ‘Mere Sang’…’ is the song that touches the hearts. Homework would have done better in music department for this range of movie.

Thrilling part

Late arrival-It’s almost years after the ghastly 9/11 incident. Hence people find it difficult to connect to it instantly.

First half of the film moves in a soft manner while the second half catches up the momentum.

The film has many memorable scenes and the scene when Omar sees Maya after seven years is wonderful. On the flip side, the film has some loose ends where the Sameer’s part in second half passes of abruptly in hasty manner. Barring those minimal exceptions, the film leaves a memorable mark on the viewers. It has got the muscle to appeal for the audiences of all classes, be they from multiplex or rural.

Bottom Line: Watch It