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'Naa Nuvve' Review: Bad Destiny

'Naa Nuvve' Review: Bad Destiny

Movie: Naa Nuvve
Rating: 2/5
Cool Breeze Cinemas
Cast: Kalyan Ram, Tamannah, Vennela Kishore, Praveen, Tanikella, Surekha Vani and others
Music: Sharreth
Cinematography: P C Sreeram
Editor: Sathish Suriya
Producers: Kiran and Vijay Kumar
Written and direction: Jayendra
Release date: June 14, 2018

After playing action roles all through his career, Kalyan Ram is trying for an image makeover. He has gone for complete change of appearance for director Jayendra's love story "Naa Nuvve".

The cool visuals, Kalyan Ram's makeover and the presence of Tamannah had created interest, when the trailer was out. Amidst low buzz, the film has hit the screens.

Let's find out how it has shaped up.

A book named “Love Signs” which was bought by Kalyani, Varun’s (Kalyan Ram) grandmother lands in the hands of Meera (Tamannah), a radio jockey. She leaves the book at a shop and asks the shop owner handover it to Kalyani, but it miraculously comes into her hands again.

When she opens the book, she finds the photo of Varun and at the same moment she gets a call that she passed her exams. She starts believing that he’s her lucky charm. She now wants to meet him.

After a series of failures, she meets him and soon they fall in love. Twist is that he doesn’t believe in the theory of destiny. He puts her theory to test and she passes the test and their love thickens. But later destiny has other plans.

What is that? How do they meet again?

Artistes’ Performances:
For Kalyan Ram, this may help to connect with new audiences as he looks quite cool and classy. In the role of Varun, he is stylish and has played it with ease. However, his role is poorly written. Sample this. He has to go to USA on job, he keeps missing the flight and stays at Hyderabad. This is how flat his role is. The film is more of a heroine-dominated movie and Tamannah gets a meatier character.

As RJ Meera, Tamannah steals the show, but she looks a bit older for this character.

Vennela Kishore and Praveen have appeared in routine characters. Tanikella as Tamannah’s father is just okay.

Technical Excellence:
When renowned cinematographer P C Sreeram signs a movie, audiences assume that it would be a visual delight. The master cinematographer doesn't disappoint. It is his work that is the best part of this movie. He has captured some scenes so brilliantly.

Music director's Sharreth's music is soothing, but they don't appeal at all on the screen. Dialogues are neat. The film has excellent production values. Even though the film’s run-time is just two hours, it gives a feel as if it is too long, as there no exciting scenes and it moves on slow pace.


Wafer-thin story
Clichéd narration
Slow pace
Lack of gripping moments

Jayendra directed Kalyan Ram and Tamannah starrer “Naa Nuvve” is all about destiny. Love stories with the theme of destiny have become routine these days.

Very recently, we have seen a similar movie named Hello, which was a Akhil starrer. Although both the films are diverse in its drive, the theme of destiny offers little variety and Jayendra’s lethargic narration has made this movie duller than similar movies.

Looks like it was written on one-line idea, and director and his writers have woven silly scenes to this single point idea.

The scenes are too clichéd; we have all seen this too many times before. It's a wasted opportunity to show that Kalyan Ram can suit romantic stories.

“Naa Nuvve” begins with Tamannah trying to find her lucky charm Kalyan Ram. For more than an hour, we get to see the scenes of her missing the chances to catch him when he is right in front of her eyes.

On parallel note, Kalyan Ram’s story runs. He gets job in USA but he always misses the flight for one reason or the other. In between, some dull songs happen. By end of one hour, the audiences get the feeling what Priyadarshi felt in the movie.

In one scene, Priyadarshi asks Kalyan Ram to drop him at airport by 11 and he goes for a nap. One hour later, he opens eyes to find that he is still stuck at the same place due to traffic.

The audiences get the same feeling throughout the movie as it doesn’t move further and goes round and round on the same point.

Wafer-thin stories need excellent sequences to hold the audiences’ interest. They also require terrific characterization and moreover romantic scenes should be endearing.

Sadly, “Naa Nuvve” fails on all these elements. Tamannah’s characterization is somewhat believable, but Kalyan Ram’s role is poorly written.

The director left all the work for PC Sreeram to do the job of creating magic. PC has come up with good visuals like capturing Kachiguda railway station in a different way. There are many scenes that have left his stamp of camerawork.

Despite PC’s good work, the movie completely fails to spell magic due to its bad writing, boring scenes and slow pace. “Naa Nuvve” has nothing to offer for youngsters, neither for matured audiences. It is a dismal show. Tamannah does a radio show that promises more love and more magic. But the film neither has interesting love nor has magical moments.

Bottom-line: No Magic


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