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'Mahamkali' Review: Horrible And Unbearable

'Mahamkali' Review: Horrible And Unbearable

Rating: 1/5
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Cast: Rajasekhar, Madhurima, Pradeep Rwat, Raghu and others
Dialogues: Krishna Mohan Challa
Music: Chinna
Editing: Murali Gurappa
Cinematography: Madhu A Naidu
Producer: Eluru Surender Reddy and Parandhama Reddy
Screenplay, Direction: Jeevita
Release Date: March 8, 2013
Rajasekhar is no more an angry young man now by the virtue of his age and that is known for all. But still he may be in the delusion of the same and hence chosen this action subject on the lines of Ankusam to prove his mettle. Let us see how it works.
Hero (Rajasekhar) holds two pistols in hands and keeps on punishing the villains with bullets. He never arrests any one but simply kills them.
The villain (Pradeep Rawat) lives abroad. But he comes all the way to India in climax to sacrifice his life to the bullets of hero.
If you still wish to know what happened in between, go and buy the ticket.
Rajasekhar got tired playing police roles thousand times. Even Sai Kumar who gave voice for him for many films is out of that job now. There is no force of Anuksam days in Rajasekhar's face. There is no punch in the dubbing voice. There is no scope even for any hard core fan of Rajasekhar to whistle at least for a single scene or dialogue.
Madhurima is used just to fill the gap as heroine. She was never successful as heroine, but got a role of 'successful heroine' in it. She must be happy for it.
There are countless villains on screen. As it is difficult to mention every name, let us recall a few. Pradeep Rawat is the main villain who lives abroad but his get up is very cheap. He appears like a street goonda in Malakpet area but not like a rich villain abroad. Nalini appeared in lady villain role. Jeevita dubbed her voice. Villains like Panda (Gharshana fame) and all appeared on screen just to die for the bullets of our hero when time comes.
No one knows what was told to music director Chinna. He filled the theatre with cacophonic noise. And apart from that he also incorporated some sounds like 'Mahhammkahleee' that frightens audience without even letting them take a nap in theatre. And coming to cinematography, it brings nauseate jerky feeling. There are no scene divisions and all that happened is all the shots were shot and just compiled in linear order.
Jeevita must have done just 'action -cut' job and nothing more was reflected on screen. There are many instances in the film where the audiences get the doubt if there is really a director for the film.

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  • Everything

There is a caption beneath the title 'Mahamkali' on poster. That's 'The Punisher'. Had anyone seen this, he would have returned home without second thought. But that was given in small letters. But still, the Telugu people those can't read Telugu are considered to be blessed here as they can directly read the caption and take necessary steps not facing actual punishment. Mahamkali is just not a punisher but finishes everyone on screen with bullets and audience in theatre with noise and nonsense.
And the irony is, this master piece was not indigenous. It's remade from Hindi film 'Risk'. Finally it ended up as risk for audience to face this film.
The much hyped satires on Pawan Kalyan are nil in this film. So there is no hook to show interest on this film for audience. There can be no more analysis than this for this film.
Not just first half and second half, the punishment is in full.
Bottom Line: Not Third Degree...It's Thirty Degree Torture.

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