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'Kudirithe Cup Coffee' Review: A Scenic Poetry

'Kudirithe Cup Coffee' Review: A Scenic Poetry

Rating: 3/5
Siva Productions
Cast: Varun Sandesh, Suma Bhattachaya, Bheemineni, Tanikella, Sukumari and others
Music: Yogeswar Sharma
Dialogues: Abburi Ravi
Cinematography: Santosh Rai
Director: Ramana Salva
Producer: Mahi
Release date: 25/02/2011
Varun Sandesh who has been dabbling since a while for a hit has arrived with another venture and the title raised the curiosity of many. Let us see how good it gets..
Venu (Varun) is a person who follows his heart and is not keen on taking up any career until he gets the right connect. However, the suicide of his close friend due to love failure disturbs him and Venu develops hatred for love and romance.

The story takes a turn when he is told by his father (Bheemaneni) to go to Dakshinagiri. They have a coffee shop in the hill station which is managed by his father’s teacher Malathi (Sukumari). Venu is asked to go and help her so that the financial debt she has with Decent Mohan (Bharani) can be revealed. Now, the former teacher has got a grand daughter Lasya (Suma) whose dream is to come up with a resort from the coffee shop and marry the person she loves. She comes home to find Venu in charge of things but seeing his abilities and qualities, she falls in love with him. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.
Varun Sandesh has come up with a strained performance which is quite unlike him. He is always filled with energy but not this time. The serious look on his face and the stiff body language didn’t work. 
Suma Bhattacharya is cute and looks nice in few places but due to poor hairstyling and make up, she was not able to appeal at all places. Overall, she did a decent job.
Sukumari was brief, Tanikella Bharani was not used to his full potential, Bheemineni was superb, Sivannarayana brought few smiles, Prithvi was adequate. The others did their bit as required.

  • Locations
  • Cinematography
  • Music and three songs
  • Production values
  • Nice animation


  • Weak direction
  • Not gripping screenplay
  • Re-recording could have been better
  • Second half climax
  • Not enough depth in emotional scenes

The film comes across as a variety love story embedded with deep emotions but then such attempts require strong grip over the script and a screenplay that captures the attention of the audience.

However, despite some rich production values and mesmerizing locations, the director was unable to get the feel into the film. But the music and RR saved the film to good extent. Also, the presence of veteran and efficient support cast was not utilized to create an impact. Songs and cinematography were the saving grace for the film.

A strong etching of characters is important and that was missing here. This will require a strong word of mouth publicity to click at the box office.
Beautiful locations and pleasant music

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