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Krishnamma Review: Revenge Drama

Krishnamma Review: Revenge Drama

Movie: Krishnamma
Rating: 2.5/5
Arunachala Creations
Cast: Satya Dev, Athira Raj, Archana, Krishna Burugula, Laxman Meesala, Raghu Kunche, and others
Music: Kaala Bhairava
DOP: Sunny Kurapati
Editor: Tammiraju B
Art: Raam Kumar
Stunts: Prdhvi Shekar
Producer: Krishna Kommalapati
Written and Directed by: V V Gopala Krishna
Release Date: May 10, 2024

Satyadev's new film Krishnamma was extensively promoted. The film is also presented by acclaimed director Koratala Siva, who expressed confidence that the premise and screenplay will captivate moviegoers.

Let's see if his confidence is justified.

Three orphans formed an unshakable relationship, and became one another's family. While Siva (Krishna Burugula) owns a binding shop, Bhadra (Satyadev) and Koti (Meesala Laxman) do odd jobs such as selling ganja. When Siva falls in love with Meena (Athira Raj), who lives in a local ladies' hostel, their lives are turned upside down.

For the treatment of Meena's mother, the three friends agree to transport ganja from Paderu to Vijayawada. They hope this is their last such act. However, the cops apprehend and arrest them.

The ACP suggests that if they accept responsibility in one case, they would not only be released quickly, but Meena's mother will also be treated. They accept the ACP's proposal despite not knowing all of the facts of the case.

They will be startled when they learn about the true details of the case. What is the case?

Artistes’ Performances:
Satyadev looks odd in the first half of the film but his intense performance comes forth in the second half. He holds our attention with portrayal in the crucial part of the movie.

Meesala Laxman and Krishna Burugula come up with fine performances.

Athira Raj is the right choice for the role of Meena. The other actress Archana makes no impact on the proceedings.

Nanda Gopal in ACP’s role is excellent.

Technical Excellence:
Cinematography is adequate. While Kaala Bhairava's songs lack punch, his background score is ineffective. Editing needs to be sharper.

Gripping middle portions
Satyadev’s performance

The beginning scenes
Slow pace
Limited appeal

Krishnamma requires some patience to fully grasp as it unfolds gradually, revealing its true essence layer by layer. At first, it appears to be a conventional story about three orphans who form a bond and face various challenges. The early sequences depicting their friendship and daily routines are predictable and fail to engage the audience.

The film becomes intriguing only in the middle portion when the main plot is unveiled, revealing that it's not just a story of friendship but a revenge drama.

Krishnamma primarily explores corrupt police practices, where officers falsely frame innocent people to protect those in power. It also touches on the theme of ordinary individuals seeking vengeance against those who have inflicted severe harm on their lives.

The new director adopts a realistic style, avoiding conventional commercial elements, which results in a slower pace.

However, the inclusion of a love story between Satyadev and Archana feels unnecessary, as it's dull and irrelevant to the main plot. Instead, the director should have focused on the love story between Athira Raj and Krishna Teja Burugula, which is central to the narrative.

The rushed and underdeveloped climax lacks impact, and the film relies heavily on surprising revelations and the protagonists' pursuit of revenge against a corrupt police officer.

Overall, Krishnamma is an okay film with its plot points but falters in maintaining a gripping narrative throughout. While it provides some compelling moments in the middle, the slow pacing and absence of commercial elements, combined with the hurried climax, diminish its impact. As a result, it may struggle to sustain strong box office performance with its average execution.

Bottom Line: Neither boring Nor Roaring


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