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'Kitttu Unnadu Jagratha' Review: Passable Comedy!

'Kitttu Unnadu Jagratha' Review: Passable Comedy!

Movie: Kittu Unnadu Jagratha
Rating: 2.75/5
AK Entertainments
Cast: Raj Tarun, Anu Emmanuel, Arbaaz Khan, Naga Babu, Prudhvi, Praveen, Raghubabu, and others
Story: Srikanth Vissa
Cinematography:  B.Rajashekar
Dialogues: Sai Madhav Burra
Music: Anup Rubens 
Editing: M R Varma
Producer: Ram Brahmam Sunkara
Director: Vamsi Krishna 
Release date: Mar 03, 2017

Raj Tarun is one of the most successful stars in Tollywood. Most of his comedies have become hit. "Kittu Unnadu Jagaratha", a kidnap drama, created interest with its trailer.

Let's find out the merits and demerits of the movie.

A car mechanic Kittu (Raj Tarun) is forced to take up the job of kidnapping dogs to clear off the debts he made for one reason.

He loves a girl Janaki (Anu Emmanuel), whose father asks her to leave a bag of Rs 25 lakhs at Kittu's garage pretending to be leaving it mistakenly to test his honesty.

On the same day, the money is stolen by one of the Kittu's friends. To give her money, he takes loan from a mafia don and hands over to her. But she breaks up with him when she comes to know that he is kidnapping dogs for money.

In a turn of events, Janaki is kidnapped by a mafia don's brother to get access card of her father (Naga Babu) who is an Income Tax commissioner.

At the same time, Kittu kidnaps dog of Janaki, without knowing that the puppy belongs to their family. This entire kidnap drama of Janaki and dog has many twists and turns further.

Artistes’ Performances:
Raj Tarun is his usual self. He has come up with energetic performance and shoulders the movie. But his character lacks strength. The romantic part shot on Anu Emmanuel and him is very weak. Anu Emmanuel is wasted.

The ones who steal the show are Prudhvi as Rechukka and Raghu Babu as fake Baba. Their portions are hilarious and both of them have done their best.

Arbaaz Khan as villain is okay. Naga Babu, Raja Ravindra, and others have done neat job.

Technical Excellence: 
The movie doesn't boast much technical or production values. Cinematography, music, and other technical departments have done pretty ordinary job. Some dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra are good.  

First half
Comedy track

Messy second half
Predictable screenplay
Weak music

Director Vamsi Krishna made decent kidnap drama "Dongata" starring Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna. He chose kidnap issue as main plot for his second film "Kittu Unnadu Jagratha" as well.

While "Dongata" focused on the main plot, this movie has too many leaks in screenplay, as story goes on and on in helter-skelter mode.

The story begins with introduction of Raj Tarun and his gang kidnapping dogs. The story is set up rightly by establishing Raj Tarun as a mechanic at garage who aspires to become owner of the garage. Why he has dragged into kidnapping business is also established well. Then immediately, the gang who gave loan to them also enters the scene. 

Raj Tarun starts telling his story of how he met Janaki and why he turned dog kidnapper, why he is not paying the money now to the gang leader. This whole set up sparkled with dose of comedy is decent. But after the interval, many sub plots and many new characters come.

First it was established that Naga Babu is most honest and daring IT commissioner but when his daughter is kidnapped he acts like a commoner and surrenders to the demands of the kidnappers. The sub track of Raja Ravindra, the police officer is also very predictable and misses logic. The entire second half runs on cliched way.

Where the movie scores is on comedy part. As Rechukka, who gets blurred vision during the nights, Prudhvi has brought down the house. Raghu Babu who is ticket seller at theaters turns Baba accidentally and as Baba he preaches the movie dialogues. Both have done good comedy. Also there some other scenes which are hilarious.

The romantic thread between the hero and heroine is very peripheral. There are not much duets either. And in the entire second half there is only song. Due to this the movie seems very lengthy though its runtime is shorter.

All in all, the movie has interesting storyline for a crime-comedy but the screenplay has spoiled it. Comedy is the only better takeaway from this film. 

Bottom-line: Bow Boy!