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'Kaashmora' Review: Graphical Comic Arundhati

'Kaashmora' Review: Graphical Comic Arundhati

Movie: Kaashmora
Rating: 2.75/5
PVP Cinema
Cast: Karthi, Nayanathara, Sri Divya, Vivek and others. 
Music: Santosh Narayan
Cinematography: Om Prakash
Editing: Sabu Joseph
Art: Rajeevan
Action: Anbirav
Producer: Pearl.V.Potluri, Param.V.Potluri ,Kavin Anne
Direction: Gokul
Release date: October 28, 2016

Karthi who has huge following in Telugu states has come up with this graphical extravaganza. When the first look from the movie released, interest was created on this movie.

The trailer, the promotions further added buzz to it. Kaashmora is here. Let’s find out about its merits and demerits.

Kaashmora (Karthi) cons everyone by claiming that he can catch any ghost. Although he doesn’t know anything about parapsychology he makes people believe with his techniques.

Yamini (Sri Divya) who is researching on ghosts comes to his place to observe him and he doesn’t welcome her. A funny incident brings him to a deserted old fort. Once he enters into the fort, all doors get closed and he is trapped.

It is revealed that a real ghost called Raju Nayak brought him to this place and now the real drama begins. Some centuries ago, Raju Nayak was a soldier in a kingdom. What is his Aatma doing now in this fort?

Artistes’ Performances:
Karthi is stunning in the two roles he has portrayed. While the Kaahmora role is funny, he has excelled in the other role of Raju Nayak.

Karthi’s comedy act when he enters in old fort is superb fun. He has shown lot of variation in his performance.

Nayanathara as queen steals the show. She has limited role but she has brought livewire to the screen in the second half. Sri Divya is wasted. Vivek is good as Karthi’s father. 

Technical Excellence: 
The film is shot with excellent production values and visual effects. The VFX work is okay. The sets are huge. Cinematography is impressive.

Music by Santosh Narayan is totally bad. The pace of the movie is very slow and runtime is excruciatingly long.

Karthi’s performance in dual role
Pre-Interval scenes

Ups and downs in narration
Lengthy runtime
Last portion lacks effectiveness
Bad Music

The trailers and promotions of “Kaashmora” gave impression that the film deals with wars and old kingdoms like “Baahubali” did but this movie is more of a horror-comedy. 

The “Baahubali” kind of episode is limited to few minutes of runtime in the second half.

“Kaashmora” begins on an interesting note with the story of a girl waiting for the character called “Kaashmora” to complete an unfinished mission. 

Immediately the story forwards to the introduction of Karthi, the fraud ghost buster. How he dupes people evokes good comedy.

His father Vivek running an ashram for the devotees of Kaashmora baba and how his family takes offerings in the form of eggs and milk which are later sold off to restaurants is too funny.

The track of Karthi the Kashmora going to a minister’s house and duping him is another hilarious moment and the best scene is when Karthi is trapped in fort. 

All these funny episodes come in the first half and till here we feel like we are watching a good horror-comedy. Trouble begins post interval, it goes completely off-mark. 

The entire track of Raju Nayak and Rani Rathna Mahadevi is almost like Arundhati. Which is why this episode doesn’t excite, and scenes drag on.

As the film progresses towards the climax, we turn restless and we also get the feeling that we were also duped by Raju Nayak and Kaashmora. While some of the graphics are best, some don't add much value.

Overall, "Kaashmora" is not entirely dismissible, nor worth praising. It works to some extent only thanks to comic timing of Karthi.

Bottom-line: Con-Mora!



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