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'Jakanna' Review: Prasa Pollution

'Jakanna' Review: Prasa Pollution

Movie: Jakkanna
Rating: 2/5
RPA Creations
Cast: Sunil, Mannara Chopra, Prudhvi, Saptagiri, Kabir Singh, Nagineedu, Satya Prakash and others
Dialogues: Bhavani Prasad
Music: Dinesh
Cinematography: C Ramprasad
Editing: M R Varma
Producer: R Sudarshan Reddy
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Vamsi Krishna Akella
Release Date: July 29, 2016

Sunil who used to deliver good comedy hits is going through bad phase as his movies have become too routine. He didn't do comedy in those movies. Realizing his mistakes after flops, he did "Jakkanna" that promises to be full-blown entertainment.

Let's find out whether Sunil has come back in full form in the genre of comedy?

Ganesh (Sunil) is son of a teacher. From childhood, he develops a nature that if someone helps even in little way, he will go out of his way to help him back. Few years later, he lands in Vizag in search of one person. He falls in love with Sahasra (Mannara) at first sight and tries to win her love.

On the other hand, the city has a dreaded don Bairagi (Kabir Singh) who makes people fear him but no one actually knows how he looks in real life. He hides his identity. Rest of the film is how Ganesh comes across Bairagi, does him coming to Vizag have any connection with Bairagi?

Artistes’ Performances:
After a long gap, Sunil has done some comedy and it is not effective. Like in his recent movies, he has done fights, songs, heroism-elevated scenes and mouthing some prasa comedy dialogues. There is worn-out feel in his performance.

Mannara Chopra lacks both glamour and acting skills. Prudhvi and Saptagiri have come up with some laugh-riot act though they lack any creativity. Prudhvi's spoof dialogues are hilarious. Kabir Singh as villain is okay. 

Technical Excellence: 
Cinematography by Ram Prasad is neat. Three songs by Dinesh are catchy. Editing is totally bad. The production values are decent.

Prudhvi and Saptagiri's comedy

Routine story
Dragging screenplay
Full of prasa dialogues
Lengthy runtime
Old-style narration

Before the release, Sunil kept on telling that he didn't do typical hero character but only comedy. He said he has returned to his regular style of comedy movies. There is certainly comedy in the movie. But they don't bring laughs as they lack novelty. They are prasa dialogues, not jokes.

From the first scene to last scene, the writer has written tons of prasa punches that are mouthed by the actors in loud manner. "Jakkanna" is a non-stop express carrying loud dialogues.

Sample this: "Tandri Ni Bayapattinchadu Manakika Maamidi Tandre". Tandri and Tandre. Such silly rhymes are heard in every dialogue. In a scene, Sunil says, "Pratodu Sanchula Koddi Panchulestunnadu". We feel the same way as the movie progresses with every character talking nonsensical dialogues with full of rhyme words. Mahesh Babu's "Aagadu" also irritated the audiences in similar way but the movie at least has had Mahesh Babu and beautiful Tamannah. "Jakkanna" devoid of such star value makes an unbearable watch.

Story of the movie "sounds" silly and illogical. In a comedy movie, lacking logic is excused but the problem is hero doesn't do comedy. Sunil has acted as a typical mass hero while other comedians Prudhvi and Sapthagiri take care of doing his job. Prudhvi's entry scene and his lengthy spoof sequence is only time we laugh out loud.

"Jakkanna" is perfect example of lousy movie making process with no proper work on story, screenplay. The director has completely banked on the dialogue writer who has had field day by writing what ever prasa came to his mind.

Among the good things in the movie, there are couple of genuine laugh moments when Sunil tries to expose the real identity of Bairagi. The track involving Prudhvi, Sunil, and a big family is also funny. These come in the second half but rest of the movie is so boring and loud that it is impossible to appreciate such jokes.

All in all, Sunil has come up with another disappointing movie though it has some comedy unlike his recent films.

Bottom-line: Loud and Lengthy

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