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'Ishq' Review: Entertaining Love Story

'Ishq' Review: Entertaining Love Story

Rating: 3/5
Sreshta Media Pvt Ltd
Cast: Nithin, Nithya Menen, Ajay, Nagineedu, Sindhu Tolani, Ali and others
Music: Anup Rubens
Cinematographer: P C Sreeram
Editor: Sreekar Prasad
Story, screenplay, direction: Vikram Kumar
Producer: Vikram Goud
Release date: 24/02/2012
Nithin who has been struggling to make his mark at the box office is back with a love entertainer. He has the charming Nithya Menen for company. Let us see how touching this one is
Rahul (Nithin) is a happy go lucky guy with a smart brain and kind heart. He comes across Priya (Nithya) and starts liking her. Incidentally, they also bump across each other at the airport on their way to Hyderabad. That eventually leads them to an unexpected visit to Goa and an unforgettable incident there. Priya has a brother Shiva (Ajay) who was once an obsessive lover and he reforms into a good man. By the time both Rahul and Priya reach Hyderabad, Priya falls in love with Rahul but doesn’t reveal. But Rahul and his sister (Sindhu Tolani) have the shock of their life as they see Shiva. Who is Shiva? What happens to the love story of Rahul and Priya? Who is Rahul’s sister? All this forms the rest of the story.
Nithin has given a classy performance and looks more at ease instead of giving strained expressions. Going forward, he should look at focusing on urban roles than attempting mass masala flicks.
Nithya Menen is drop dead beautiful. Her eyes and her smile spread the magic and her innocent dialogue delivery makes her adorable. The way she carries herself reminds a mix of Soundarya and Savitri.
Ajay gave a highlight performance. After a very long time, his true potential as an actor was utilized properly and he delivered it to perfection. He should be given more of such opportunities.
Nagineedu was natural, Ali brought many smiles, Sindhu Tolani was brief, Sathya Krishna was neat, Supreeth made his presence felt. Rohini, Sudha, Srinivas Reddy, Ravi contributed in their own way and added value.

  • Cinematography
  • First Half
  • Music


  • Drag in few scenes
  • Few non-situational songs
  • Climax

The success of any film lies on screenplay and performances. This is the thumb rule since pre-historic time. If the director can package that well then a fine project is made even with three characters. That’s what happened in this movie.

The director must be given full marks for picking up a routine storyline but narrating it in such a way that two and half hours pass without a wink. His ability to connect the dots show his command over the screenplay and mixing it with a pinch of humour wherever possible makes it appealing. If screenplay and direction skills were the life, the cinematography was the soul. Some astounding camera angles, mesmerizing grading of few scenes, location captures and colouring was a visual spectacle. Last but not the least, it is the gripping performances from the principal cast which completed the circle. Below are few impressive sequences:

  • The scene between Ali & Ajay-Srinivas Reddy
  • The first telephonic conversation between Nithin and Ajay
  • The scene at airport where Nithin imitates Nithya

But still there are some weak moments due to beaten track narration imitating Srinu Vaitla’s style especially from the scene where Nithin falls down in heroine’s house with bruises eaten by Ajay. The successive hospital episode also lacks depth, conviction and freshness. This bit dropped the matured flow of narration that happened till then. On a whole, second half is not of the matured standard of the first half.
Overall, this is a film which is moderate in content but it is the way the whole thing is presented and the technical values which are high quality. It must be reiterated that the cinematography deserves a special applause for giving a pleasant treat to the eyes.

At the box office, the film has the right kind of ingredients to connect with the multiplex, youth and family audiences. That way, this film is bound to bring Nithin back into the race.
Bottom line: Tender and teasing treat…watch it!!

(Venkat can be reached at venkat@greatandhra.com)

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