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'Gaalipatam' Review: Little Bold, Little Preachy

'Gaalipatam' Review: Little Bold, Little Preachy

Movie: Gaalipatam
Rating: 2.75/5
Sampath Nandi teamworks & Los Angeles talkies
Cast: Aadi, Erica J Fernandes, Kristina Akeeva, Rahul Ravindran, Bharat Reddy, Gayatri Bhargavi and Others
Cinematography: K. Bujji
Music: Bheems Ceciroleo
Editor: Rambabu
Story - screenplay - dialogues: Sampath Nandi
Director: Naveen Gandhi
Producers: Sampath Nandi, Kiran Muppavarapu, Vijaykumar Vattikuti
Release date: 8 August, 2014

After the success of Rachcha, Sampath Nandi has been anxiously awaiting to start shooting Gabbar Singh 2 with Pawan Kalyan. Since it didn’t take off, he scripted a simple, youth-oriented subject which deals with love, marriage and human relationships in general. And that’s the story behind Gaalipatam for you.

The story is about a young, married couple Karthi (Aadi) and Swati (Erika) who work in the same company. They are even declared the best couple in their office. But in reality, like many couples they fight within four walls. Finally, they decide that it is better to part ways and find happiness with their ex-lovers than continue in a loveless marriage. Luckily for them, Karthi’s ex-girlfriend Parineeeti (Christina) and Swati’s ex-boyfriend Aarav (Rahul) still hold soft feelings for them. The rest of the film shows if the couple breaks up or stays together.

Artistes’ Performance:
Aadi was seen in mass roles in the past, in this film he looks like a typical Telugu software engineer and gets to play a soft character. Since it suits his age perfectly, Aadi slips into his character effortlessly.

Rahul continues to remind one of Andala Rakshasi. We are not sure if he decided to repeat himself or if the director wanted him to put in the same performance.

Both the ladies, Erika and Christina put in decent performances. Though both of them are new to the industry, they act well. Their characterization and their dialogues are also good and this helps them tremendously.

Bharat Reddy is okay. Bhargavi mouths some strong dialogues in a scene and she pulls it off well. Jabardasth team including Saptagiri evokes laughs in between.

Technical Excellence:
Sampath Nandi has written a bold script and his dialogues are also bold. But there are quite a few dialogues that come across as being vulgar rather than being bold.

Bheems’ music is good. Even if you are hearing the songs for the first time, they will remain with you for a while. From the list, Dhoomapanam song is bound to attract the masses.

Sampath Nandi has made sure that he gets the optimum output in terms of cinematography, even though it’s a small film. But editing goes haywire in the second half and there is confusion with some unrelated scenes coming up suddenly.

The producers must be appreciated for bravely investing in a bold concept. Since all the writing part has been handled by Sampath Nandi, the director Naveen Gandhi has an easy task cut out for him. It has to be mentioned that he fails to handle intense emotions in the second half and the audience fails to connect with them.


  • Songs
  • First Half


  • Second Half
  • Too Much Vulgarity

Sampath Nandi is today remembered for Rachcha and all the talk surrounding Gabbar Singh 2. But not many are aware of his first film. In fact, Sampath Nandi too started out by making Maruti brand films even before Maruti set the trend. His first film was a small budget film titled Emaindi Eevela which revolved around the lifestyle of girls living in hostels in Ameerpet area.

The film had some provocative scenes which were supposed to attract the youth. However, with Rachcha, he changed track. But one cannot help feeling that had Sampath continued making such films, he would have given stiff competition to Maruti for sure. He showcases the modern lifestyle and pub-going and party culture of today’s youth in detail.

However, even if a film is branded as adult comedy and is given ‘A’ certificate, a film-maker has to follow certain limits. But Gaalipatam goes overboard in depicting modern lifestyle.

There are some scenes like the one where aunties order ‘boys’ and have fun with them. Similarly, there is another scene where a group of bored, lonely old ladies meet up to drink after their sons go off to work elsewhere.

Full of adult jokes, the first half is time-pass if you enjoy such comedy. But in the second half, the film tries to teach and preach which gets very boring. There are too many messages, actually there is something for all – for sons who leave their mothers to earn money, to husbands who leave their wives at home and enjoy with other women, to children who sacrifice their love and marry others against their choice, to parents who don’t understand their children’s love and force them to go for an arranged marriage. So, one gets lecture after lecture about these topics, which makes the viewing tiresome.

Of course, such films do have a message towards the end. But in Gaalipatam, the entire second half is dedicated for such preaching.

Of course, the film has some plus points like a boldly told story, good cast and pleasing music.

Though the film may work out commercially, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Had the director put in more efforts on the second half, it would have worked better for the film.

Bottomline: Adult Comedy

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