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'Endukante Premanta' Review: Love Beyond Death

'Endukante Premanta' Review: Love Beyond Death

Rating: 2.5/5
Sri Sravanthi Movies
Cast: Ram, Tamannah, Suman, Sayaji Shinde, Rishi, Brahmanandam, Krishna Bhagawan, Raghu Babu and others
Music: G V Prakash
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Cinematographer: Andrew
Story, screenplay, direction: Karunakaran
Producer: Sravanthi Ravikishore
Release date: 08/06/2012
Hero Ram who scored a hit with his last release ‘Kandireega’ has arrived with a new entertainer and this time he has teamed up with Karunakaran known for his heart touching stories. Let us see how this is
Ram (Ram) is a happy go lucky guy who is very mischievous and doesn’t hesitate to lie just to get his way through. His antics cause trouble to his joint family and his father (Sayaji) is always miffed with Ram. On the other hand, Sravanthi (Tamannah), daughter of the Indian diplomat (Suman) lives in Paris. Sravanthi wants to live life freely without any barriers but due to her father’s position, she is always surrounded by security. A small plan by Ram’s father sends him to Paris so that he can learn some responsibility and due to an unexpected event he comes across Sravanthi. However, Sravanthi has a reason to be with Ram and she plans his escape to India. What is that reason? What is the link between Ram and Sravanthi? All this forms the rest of the story.

Ram has come up with a decent performance and he has excelled in his dance. Given his role, there is a sense of elegance and youthfulness in it. He carried out his role well.
Tamannah has really performed well matching the energy levels of Ram on one hand and tuning to the histrionics required for the role. Any other contemporary actress would have found it difficult to meet this requirement.
Sayaji Shinde was standard, Suman was usual, Rishi was regular, Anu Haasan was apt, Krishna Bhagawan brought few smiles, Kona Venkat was good, Brahmanandam was brief, Suman Shetty was okay. The others did their bit as required. 

  • Cinematography
  • Ram’s dance and Tamannah’s performance


  • Inconsistent screenplay
  • Songs
  • Lack of emotional depth in few scenes
  • Weak comedy

Love is the strongest and the most intense emotion that has a connect with everyone’s life. So, whenever a romantic entertainer is on the cards the expectations are bound to be high. And this time, the director has not just brought a love story but he gave it a twist which deals with the element of past life and Karmic theory. On paper, the concept looks quite intriguing but to present such concepts, there must be a strong grip over the screenplay with conviction.
In this film, the subject chosen was interesting and the choice of actors was perfect. And though the production values were high and the technical aspects sound, there was a disjoint in the screenplay. Usually, Karunakaran is a man known for starting a story at one point and keeping the line intact till the end. But he was not able to sustain the same impact and emotional voltage in this one.
The good side for him was the contribution, especially from Ram and Tamannah. Their involved performances attempted to make up for the hiccups in the screenplay but ended futile. The film takes off on a right note and gets the audience to connect immediately but in midway it begins to lose its focus due to stale comedy and other elements. The interval bang evokes mixed reactions from the viewers. And the second half didn’t deliver anything more exciting.
The key reason for the film to suffer was the plot being leaked out before hand. The thrill factor was lost. Even otherwise, those who are not aware of the plot will not experience a great impact. The subject of love and that too with a paranormal element is rather sensitive so it has to be dealt with a strong depth and the magnitude of emotions should be high. But all those peaks were missing in the movie and most of the key sequences passed off without causing that effect.
Overall, the theme of the film had the potential to deliver a success but due to the inconsistent execution and the lack of feel has hampered the prospects. Since there are no other releases for a week, it could turn a blessing in disguise for the film’s collections but expecting it to be a crowd pulling product by itself is not feasible.
Bottomline: A soul shuttling between death, coma and life

(Venkat can be reached at [email protected])

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