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'Drona' Review: Thumbs Down

'Drona' Review: Thumbs Down

Film: Drona
Rating: 1.5/5

Cast: Nitin, Priyamani, Kelly Dorjee, Mukesh Rishi, Seeta, Siva Prasad etc
Editing: Gowtam Raju
Music: Anoop Rubens
Dialogues: Harsha Vardhan
Choreogrpahy: Amma Rajasekhar
Art: AS Prakash
Producer: DS Rao
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Karuna Kumar
Released On: 20th Feb 2009

Nithin has been awaiting a success from quite long time and the movie 'Drona' with many commercial elements pumped in hopes among many. The name of the director Karuna Kumar is much publicized stating that he is the disciple of evergreen successful director SS Rajamouli. Priyamani's glamour show for first time also pulled the heads of mass audiences positively. Let us peep into the details of the outcome of Drona.

Drona (Master Sai Krishna) is the son of a sincere police officer (Mukesh Rishi). He shares ample love with his mother Meenakshi (Seetha). But a small mistake by him welcomes the anger of his father who batters him blue and black. Followed by that incident, Drona runs away from his house. He grows up (Nithin) and emerges as a robber. He happens to meet his parents and lives with them accidentally, keeping his past in secret with them. Why he maintains that secrecy? Where did he live all these years? What made him turn as a hardcore robber? Will the parents come to know that the boy for who they have given shelter is their own son Drona? That forms rest of the plot.

Nithin has improved a lot especially in dance. He is showcasing many complex dance movements with ease and agility. But he still needs to groom his diction. Again he made a mistake by picking up a wrong line which doesn't suit him.

Priyamani is the main attraction for this film as she revealed herself in bikini for the first time on silver screen. Unfortunately there is nothing else from her other than that glamour show. Although a National Award winning actress she has no big scope to act here.

Mukesh Rishi appeared in positive character role and Seetha is apt in her part. Siva Prasad and Kelly Dorjee have played antagonists and there is nothing special to speak about them as they did run-of-the-mill stuff.

Comedian Sudhakar, after a very long time, appeared in a guest role as doctor.

Music is ok with some songs but the background score is cacophonous. The dialogues are also not so exciting and the direction on a whole is amateurish. Some scenes resembled TV serials with extra length.

1. The scene where Kelly Dorjee holds Seetha in front of a shopping mall while Nithin comes out swiftly to save her - is a perfect TV serial styled, with too many close up shots.
2. The introduction scene of Nithin with SUV and helicopter chase is overdosed and unconvincing.
3. Micro Capsule injections used by antagonists are also ludicrous.

And director has taken liberties to lift scenes from the film 'Batman' (during robbery) and also from the popular Yana Gupta's 'Bapujee Jara Dheere Chalo…' song (on Rakhi Sawanth while she pours beer on her legs to quench the thirst of lusty tongues).

It's an upside down effort. Only the much publicized Priyamani's bikini song should pull mass crowds to theaters. And the film hardly finds repeated audiences.

The comedy is also weak although Venu Madhav tried to spill some laughs. The track is written very weak and hence things didn't work at all. Sunil appeared in some scenes and ok. Arundhati comedy is grooved on Venu Madhav which would have got extended in proper way and complete manner.

First half of the film moves heavily with lot of non-exciting scenes. Second half has action elements but those aren't in tune with the interest levels of audiences. The overdosed subject with an island background has diluted the tempo of the film on a whole. Climax is weak and boring.

To sum up the only saving grace for this film to reduce the loss to maximum extent is Priyamani's glamour show on posters.

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