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'Bruce Lee' Review: No Matter In Mega Meter!

'Bruce Lee' Review: No Matter In Mega Meter!

Movie: Bruce Lee - The Fighter
Rating: 2.5/5
DVV Entertainments 
Cast: Ram Charan, Chiranjeevi, Rakul Preet Singh, Kriti Kharbanda, Rao Ramesh, Mukesh Rish, Sampath Raj, Nadiya and others
Screenplay: Kona Venkat, Gopimohan
Music: Thaman
Cinematography: Manoj Paramahamsa
Presented by: D Parvathi
Producer: D V V Danayya 
Main Story, screenplay, and directed by: Sreenu Vaitla
Release Date: October 16, 2015

Not just the combination of Ram Charan and Sreenu Vaitla, megastar Chiranjeevi returning to movies after six years in a brief role has raised many expectations on Bruce Lee The Fighter.

With music becoming hit even before the release, the successful writers team Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan teaming up with Sreenu Vaitla after a gap... all these have added more value to the film. So does it live up to the expectations?

Karthi (Ram Charan), known as Bruce Lee among his friends, is a stuntman working for movies.  He loves his family consisting of his middleclass father who constantly scolds his son for not concentrating on studies and becoming a stuntman, homemaker mother, and an IAS aspiring sister (Kriti). His father’s aim is to make his daughter an IAS officer, but he can’t afford much for her studies and other expenses. Karthi provides all the money and help to her. 

On other hand, Riya (Rakul) mistakes Karthi for a brave undercover cop and with her funny acts lands him in trouble with the mafia leader Deepak Raj (Arun Raj). Meanwhile, Karthi’s sister gets engaged to the son of his father’s employer Jayaraj (Sampath), a big businessman with shady background. 

What is the connection between Deepak Raj and Jayaraj? What trouble does Karthi’s sister land in and how does he saves her? This is what the film is all about!

Artistes’ Performances:
Chiranjeevi is back on screen after a long gap and he puts in a guest role. Well, it is indeed a pleasure to watch the megastar and even the multi-plex audiences whistle when he is introduced. However, one cannot help to notice that the megastar has indeed aged and put on some extra kilos.

Ram Charan is a livewire in action and mass sequences; a clear difference in acting is visible – full of confidence and at ease in emotional scenes too. His fluid body movements in dances are a treat to watch. 

Rakul shares a superb chemistry with Ram Charan though she doesn't have much of a role in the movie. Kriti as sister has done adequate job.

Sampath and Arun Vijay in negative characters make their presence felt. Rao Ramesh as nagging father is perfect. Nadiya has a limited role and is wasted.

While Brahmanandam’s comedy fails totally, Ali as PK generates some laughs. 

Technical Excellence:
Thaman’s songs have become popular even before the release and couple of them are even better on the screen. “Riya..”, “Meter..”, “Le Chalo..” are catchy yet filmed to please the fans with Charan putting up nice dances to the beats of Thaman.

Cinematography by Manoj Paramhamsa has striking visuals. The movie needs further trimming though. Stunts are well choreographed. Danayya has put in good money to make sure the film has rich production values. 


  • Ram Charan's terrific dances
  • Songs


  • Lack of entertainment
  • Hurried second half 
  • Predictable story
  • Narration lacks fizz
  • Total failure of Brahmi and comedy gang

In all his interviews, director Sreenu Vaitla claimed that he learnt from his past mistakes and that he has made a story driven movie with Bruce Lee.

The movie proves all the talk is just publicity as he hasn’t changed his style much though there is less comedy. Indeed, lack of entertainment is a sore point of this movie. 

Once again, he has selected a flimsy and predictable story. But he made the first half in decent way. The story is as old as the movie industry.

The director makes it appear as if preparing for IAS exams is trying to achieve something unattainable. Charan standing in front of the house of chief secretary through day and night to impress him so that he can get his sister admitted is serious laughable stuff.  This makes you feel that it is straight out of '70s. An IB Chief using the services of a stuntman is totally unbelievable.

Although he has written a predictable story, Vaitla has incorporated all the necessary ingredients in the first half of the film to make it a decent watch. But the story and screenplay really fall flat as the film progresses into the second half.

Post interval bang, Sreenu Vaitla brings his formula of comedy situations into the screenplay but his comedy has fallen flat this time. Probably this is his least entertaining movie.

Contribution from Kona Venkat and Gopimohan hasn't added much to the film.

There is a dialogue in the movie, "Content lekunte... climax lo edo okati hadavudi chesi chuttesinattu." This aptly suits the film. Especially in the second half it is apparent that the director has just done some hungama to cover up the lack of a proper story. 

All in all, average first half, good songs and dances, Chiranjeevi’s appearance, some good sentiment scenes are the strengths of this commercial entertainer. On the flip side, Sreenu Vaitla really shows that he can go one step further from Aagadu. 

Bottom-line: Elagelago...

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