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'Bhale Manchi Roju' Review: Decent Crime Comedy

'Bhale Manchi Roju' Review: Decent Crime Comedy

Film: Bhale Manchi Roju
Rating: 3/5
Sudheer Babu, Wamiqa, Saikumar, Posani, Dhanya Balakrishna, Paruchuri Gopala Krishna, Vidyu, Chaitanya Krishna,  Venu, Praveen, Prudhvi and others
Dialogues: Arjun, Karthik
Music: Sunny M R
Cinematography: Shamdat Sainudeen
Editing: M.R.Varma
Producers: Vijay Kumar Reddy and Shashidhar Reddy
Story, screenplay and direction: Sriram Adittya
Release date: December 25, 2015

After Prema Katha Chitram, Sudheer Babu has not tasted success but when the trailers of Bhale Manchi Roju came out; there was a positive buzz about his movie.

The trailer looked refreshingly novel. Is the movie as good as the trailer? Let’s find out…

Upset that his girlfriend ditched him and is marrying a rich guy, Ram (Sudheer Babu) leaves his home taking a car from his mechanic father to the wedding venue to kill his girlfriend. He rams his car into another one and a girl in the car Seetha (Wamiqa) runs away.

The next moment he ends up in a defunct theatre owned by Shanti (Saikumar) who planned the kidnapping of Seetha. He demands Ram to bring Seetha by evening. Ram finally catches Seetha but things go out of his control as the day progresses.

The story has many twists and turns along way.

Artistes’ Performances:
After a long time, Sudheer Babu has got a role that suits him. He has given his best. Not much to talk about newcomer Wamiqa.

Whenever Saikumar comes in any scene, we get irritated. His portions are over the top. His scenes with Aishwarya are very cheap.

Prudhvi once again entertains in the climax. Posani has got a lengthy role. Venu and his friend have done some hilarious moments.

Chaithanya Krishna in the negative role has come up with another good performance. 

Technical Excellence:
One feature that strikes us is the film’s excellent technical value. Shamdatt’s cinematography is huge asset to the film – his color tone; the aerial shots of Godavari, stylized looks have given the movie a rich look.

Art director has done a great job too. And background score is another plus point. Sunny MR’s BG score has elevated the film. Editing and action stunts are also equally good. Film has rich production values too.


  • Different concept
  • High technical values
  • Stylized cinematography
  • Background score
  • First half


  • Second half loses the steam
  • Heroine
  • Saikumar and Aishwarya’s episode is irritating

The trailer of the movie raised expectations as it offered novelty. The movie lives up to the expectations generated from the trailer. It has different concept, and execution is equally good. Like Swamy Ra Ra and other thrillers with stylized taking, Bhale Bhale Manchi Roju has different concept with fun moments. 

The first half of the film is racy and the twists are too good and enjoyable. The way the movie is set up by the director is quite impressive. One can see the writer and director’s intelligence in connecting all the dots in the end.

The director takes us into the story with the very first scene. Full brownie points should be given to his story and his impeccable first half. 

The camerawork and music further have elevated the film. There is lot of comedy too. Two kidnappers doing things wrongly, a church father involving in the drama and a kid’s cricket ball falling in a theatre where kidnappers are scheming... these evoke good laughs. And not to forget, Prudhvi’s hilarious act during the climax. 

On the downside, the movie gets very slow post interval and till the climax sequences begin, it beats around. But again it gets back to the focus of the story in the climax and ends nicely with some hilarious moments from Prudhvi as Mallepushpam Ramarao. The track between Sai Kumar and Urvashi is out rightly cheap. 

The new director has shown so much promise in the film. He should be appreciated for his novel taking. 

On the whole, Bhale Manchi Roju is very interesting crime caper with high technical and production values. 

Bottomline: Bhale Manchi Concept!

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