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'Rojulu Marayi' Review: Dud From Maruthi

'Rojulu Marayi' Review: Dud From Maruthi

Movie: Rojulu Marayi
Rating: 1.5/5
Good Cinema Group
Cast: Chethan, Parwatheesham, Krithika, Tejaswini, Raja Ravindra and others
Story, screenplay: Maruthi
Music: JB
Cinematography: P Bal Reddy
Editing: Uddhav
Producer: G Srinivasa Rao
Screenplay, Director: Murali Krishna Mudidani
Release Date: July 01, 2016

After "Bhale Bhale Magadivoy", director Maruthi has joined the league of bankable directors. Since he has given the story to "Rojulu Marayi" and top producer Dil Raju presented the film, the movie has created some buzz.

How does the film fare up?

Adhya (Kruthika) and Rambha (Tejaswini) have a hidden motive when they want Peter (Parvatesam) and Aswad (Chetan) to get married to them. So far these girls have been using these two guys for their needs. The girls have their love life with two other men and want to culminate it into marriage. But the catch is their husbands won't survive more than 10 days after matrimony. But that need not be the men whom they love, but it surely can be Peter and Aswad. What happens next? Will Adhya and Rambha be successful in their plan.

Artistes’ Performances:
Tejaswini is the only notable face in this movie and she is good in her role. She has also appeared in a bikini shot.

Krithika of "Drushyam" has played a weepy character but she hardly makes any impression. Among the two male lead characters, Parvateesam who played the role of Nookaraju in "Kerintha" is somewhat okay. Though he has gone overboard still he has given some funny moments. Chetan has looks but lacks acting skills. 

Technical Excellence: 
The film is made on a low budget with limited locations. The story shot mainly in three locations in a resort, in a hostel set, and an office. Both production values and technical values are just adequate. Music by JB is good.

Bearable first half
Tejaswini and Parvateesam

Boring Second half
Kichidi scenes
Farce comedy
Poor horror moments
Lack of drama
Outdated story and screenplay

Director Maruthi is now directing movies with big stars, still he provides story and screenplay to other small movies to earn some extra amount. Hence he has been dishing out stories that are nothing but rehashed versions of his early movies. Recently many such movies sank at the box-office. The latest film is "Rojulu Marayi".

Although "Rojulu Marayi" is directed by newcomer Murali Krishna, story and screenplay is written by Maruthi and Maruthi's script is hotchpotch of  "Bus Stop" and "Prema Katha Chitram".

First half of the movie goes like Maruthi's youthful/boothful movies which is quite bearable as there are some fun moments. But the second half turns out into a horror thriller with ghost elements. The horror moments are quite farce. Second half turns into a bore fest with too much of noise, with silly comedy by Ali, some ghost songs and predictable climax.

Heroines going to Srisailam and a swamy telling them their husbands will die immediately after the marriage is laughable stock. More outright idiocy is the girls making the two guys marry them so that they could kill them to marry their real lovers. All scenes are written as per the convenience of Maruthi's whims and fancies.

Since Maruthi is now making a movie with Venkatesh, he seems to have impressed the star and included a lengthy track of Venkatesh's Drushyam. "Saaruvaadu" actor of Amrutham acting similarly what Venkatesh did in Drushyam tests your patience.

The movie doesn't move forward in the second half thereby making you to look for exit door immediately.

Although the movie doesn't have outright double meaning dialogues, still it offers some. Sample: "Mallepulu Teesukosta Nee Pitch Ready Chesuko", "Pelli Aitey Emi Labham Palla Meeda Cheyyi Veyyi".

All in all, "Rojulu Marayi" is out rightly boring movie from the makers of "Bus Stop" and "Ee Rojullo", one can't sit through the second half.

Bottom-line: Bad and Boring!


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