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'Yatra 2' May Not Get Postponed

'Yatra 2' May Not Get Postponed

Today saw the release of the teaser for "Yatra 2," a story about the rise of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy as a politician and chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

The film has made headlines after Dil Raju stated at a recent press conference that he would ensure that the makers of "Yatra 2" postpone the film's scheduled release date of February 9th.

To ensure a smooth release for Ravi Teja's "Eagle," the producer's council ordered that films such as "Tillu Square" be released in March.

But because the political scenario in Andhra Pradesh is rapidly shifting, "Yatra 2" may not change the date.

Elections for the Andhra Pradesh assembly are expected to take place in the last week of March. If this is the case, the schedule will be announced in February itself.

Once the election code is implemented, it will be difficult for "Yatra 2" to be released in theaters. Hence, "Yatra 2" will not risk postponing the film for the sake of "Eagle."

The film is reportedly being released to benefit the YSRC party in the elections.

So it would be unwise for the producers to change the date in order to benefit a commercial film produced by a team close to Pawan Kalyan.


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