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Yashoda's Entire 2nd Half Is Like Climax: Directors

Yashoda's Entire 2nd Half Is Like Climax: Directors

Talented director duo Hari and Harish are debuting in Tollywood with Yashoda and they couldn't have asked for a better start as they got Samantha to play the lead role in the film.

"We were thrilled to first know that Samantha would actually do the film. She gave her acceptance right away. Her presence on sets encouraged all of us to go the extra mile. She was ever so invested in the script and acted with great conviction" the director duo said. 

The directors revealed that the producer Sivalenka Krishna Prasad was also very helpful in the scripting stage and he too owned the project. They added that the film was initially planned in RS 3.5 crores and it increased 12 to 15 times due to the decision to tell the story on a grand scale.

"Yashoda is an emotional journey. The film has many layers and it will keep offering something new to the viewers right from the word go. The entire second half will look like a climax and the audience will be taken on a thrilling ride" they said. 

The directors added that Yashoda comes with a racy and intricate screenplay and it will resemble a maze. Watching a star performer like Samantha in the role of a surrogate mother will give goosebumps. The duo stated that they have watched the final copy and are thoroughly impressed with it. They seemed confident that the audience will lap up the film from 11 November.


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