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Will Balayya Agree to the Trendy Title?

Will Balayya Agree to the Trendy Title?

Just recently, a film featuring Nandamuri Balakrishna in the direction of Anil Ravipudi was launched with much fanfare.

That they have finally joined forces has sparked widespread interest. Shooting is moving forward in Hyderabad, where new sets have been built.

In addition to a promising script, word on the street is that Anil Ravipudi has also secured a catchy title for the film.

"Bro" is the title he's come up with for this action movie. It has a cool sounding name. This expression is widely used by today's youth.

Anil Ravipudi thought the name "Bro" would be appropriate after Balakrishna's "Unstoppable" talk show became a hit. However, Balakrishna is yet to give his nod to it.

After Balakrishna gives his blessing to this title, the film's first look will be released.


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