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Why 'Salaar' Slowed Down At Box Office?

Why 'Salaar' Slowed Down At Box Office?

'Salaar,' the much-awaited film starring Prabhas, was anticipated to achieve significant milestones given the pre-release hype and positive reviews it received.

However, surprisingly, its progress slowed down around the Rs 650 Crore gross mark and failed to surpass this figure.

It is needless to say that 'Salaar' is a successful venture by all means, but the disappointment lies in not reaching the Rs 1000 crore collection, which left the fans wanting more.

Upon looking into the main reason contributing to this slowdown, it appears to be the lack of mass-appealing songs.

While a couple of songs initially seemed meaningful, they fell short of providing a push for the film. The situational dull songs may be acceptable while watching, but they failed to add commercial value, making the film a musical disappointment.

In comparison, we can observe how movies like 'Animal,' 'Jawan,' 'Pathaan,' and 'Gadar2' achieved huge success with their impactful songs. 

For any pan-Indian movie, songs with commercial appeal play a crucial role in their success.

We can also mention the 'Kavalayya' song by Thamanna from 'Jailer,' which significantly contributed to the movie's push and collections.

Another factor contributing to the slowdown in collections of 'Salaar' is the lack of post-release publicity.

Despite making wonders with massive openings and no pre-release publicity, the absence of post-release publicity became a letdown for sustaining the film's momentum at the box office.

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