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Why All This Ruckus On Puri Jagannadh?

Why All This Ruckus On Puri Jagannadh?

Not as a Puri fan… But, asking straightforwardly as a normal movie buff, just answer to my questions!

Yes, dashing director Puri Jagannadh.. is really a fraud. Let's degrade his image! He needs to be defamed for giving so many hits to the industry, creating many milestones, and now for getting torn between such conspiracies. He must be branded as a cheater, for creating a brand for all the star heroes in Tollywood and giving them blockbusters. Even though he lost hundreds of crores as a director and producer, he should be dragged to the road along with his family for never revealing anyone's name and not holding anyone accountable. He must be insulted for his assessment of living an honorable life and for not humiliating anyone, in the process. The dashing director should be desecrated for bouncing back every time with blockbusters, no matter how many people cheated him, and no matter how many flops he delivered.

After losing everything, he started life from scratch and rose to this level. We should scold for standing as an example. It’s not late yet… let’s forget the days when we roamed around his house… when he gave great movies and delivered hits. Now let's act indiscriminately. Because... we are living in the days when people don't value humans, but money... Let's defame Puri Jagannath to prove that it is a stark reality. Let's stamp him as a fraudster and make him sell his properties again.

Let's blame his goodness and kill it for giving his word to pay off some losses of distributors and exhibitors, although he’s the one who lost more than anybody with Liger! Let us remind him not to live with goodness, not to care about anyone, and to give more value to selfishness, even if he loses everything like this again. For giving blockbusters like Idiot, Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, Badri, Pokiri, Desamuduru, Businessman, Temper, iSmart Shankar… Let's make him be ashamed of himself! But... in the end, all the good things were left aside and with a single plop, the conspiracies and politics that had been hidden for years were uncovered. So… Hats off to all the distributors and exhibitors who stood against Puri.

As already said by Puri, there is big gambling going on in the film world. Otherwise, cinema is a gambling business. While few work out, some movies bring losses. Very rare people in the industry return money to the distributors if films bomb at the box office. However, Puri is ready to return the money to the distributors for the losses of Liger. He also explained everything clearly to them. Distributors should also remember one thing here. They are asking for their money back saying that they incurred losses… If the same movies do well and make profits... will they return the extra money to the producers? They need to think about it. Everything will be settled if given some time. If they overdo it in haste, no work will be done. Saying it's true, bye!

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