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Who Is Bluffing With Fake Results?

Who Is Bluffing With Fake Results?

The Panchayat polls were over and the results were out. Since the candidates contested and won based on the support of some political parties and not the party symbols, the scope to fake claims has opened the doors. 

It is something strange to see Chandrababu claiming 41%, Jana Sena 27% and YSRCP 80%. There is almost a 48% fake claim in this. Which party is the bluff master?

YSRCP has displayed all the names of the candidates with proofs but Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan were just claiming their percentage.

To prove their veracity, they would have come up with clear statistics mentioning all the names of the candidates who won with their support. 

Anyhow we need to wait for few more days with Municipal/MPTC and ZPTC elections conducting with party symbols. Then none can bluff and we can see the actual truth.

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