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When 10-year-old Swetha Menon proposed to Big B

When 10-year-old Swetha Menon proposed to Big B

Popular Malayalam actress Swetha Menon recalls memories of Big B, who turned 80 on Tuesday and shared how as a 10- year-old, she proposed to Amitabh Bachchan.

Speaking to the media, the actress, who is now based in Mumbai, said that the incident happened in Allahabad in her childhood.

"My father was an Air Force officer and one day, he told me that Rajiv Gandhi and Bachchan are coming to Allahabad to immerse the ashes of Indira Gandhi. I said I want to meet Bachchan and my father flatly refused," she said.

"When the occassion arrived, I remember I had just got up and remembered that it was the day. We were staying in the Air Force area and without even brushing my teeth, I ran out and I reached the venue. There was absolute silence as the function was going on. I reached Bachchan and told him to please 'marry me as I am in love with you'."

"Then I looked at my father, he was fuming and in a moment, another officer came and in a flash, took me away," said Menon.

She goes on to add that years passed and after she won a Miss India contest in 1994, according to convention, the winner returns the following year to hand pass it to the next winner.

"The event happened in Mumbai. The stairs leading to the stage was very steep. As I was standing, I realised it was Bachchan who was standing next to me and seeing him, I went into a trance and in the process, I fell down. He came and helped me rise and that was a huge moment for me," said Menon laughing as she was explaining her awe for Big B.

Menon has worked in various industries including Bollywood and is presently an office bearer of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes.


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