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What Happened To Vikram Kumar's Stamina?

What Happened To Vikram Kumar's Stamina?

Movies like 13B, Ishq, Manam, 24 show the talent of Vikram Kumar in writing the story, screenplay. 

If someone thinks about how to proceed with complicated subjects, these films of Vikram Kumar show them the path. Now, the same director is struggling to write a proper story as per the industry talk.

He had approached Bunny and worked on the story for a long time and left it finally as he was unable to convince him.

In the process, he had to make a compromise to work with Vakkantham Vamsi to cook the story. But they could not get the desired output. He tried to prepare a solid story after 'Gang Leader' but he couldn't do it.

He has reportedly narrated three stories to a mid-range young hero but the answer is a 'no' for all of them. Finally, Dil Raju provided him the story written by BVS Ravi.

Vikram got ready to work with BVS Ravi's story but still the story has not been finalized by the hero. Vikram Kumar doesn't like to do a film with other's stories but he had no other option left.

There was a talk in the industry that Vikram Kumar would team up with Mahesh Babu after 'Manam' and '24'.

Now, the same director is trying to do a film with Chaitanya again. But still, he has not received the green signal from Chaitanya.


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