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What a Drama: Raj Tarun is a Good Story Teller!

What a Drama: Raj Tarun is a Good Story Teller!

Not many know that Raj Tarun entered the film industry as a writer. With the aim of writing scripts, he stepped in Film Nagar in Hyderabad but luck had favored him to become a hero. However, his innate storytelling skills are now on display. 

Raj Tarun recently involved in an accident but he ran away from the scene and kept himself not in reach to anyone for 24 hours.

A day later, he took to Twitter to explain that he had rammed the car into a wall and it was an accident-prone spot. He said he escaped unhurt as he wore a seat belt.

In a very strange manner, he told a different version to Times of India.

According to the newspaper, he told the newspaper that he hired a temporary driver and he was in the back seat when the crash took place. This is completely what he admitted on social media. 

During a chat with his fans on Twitter, he confirmed that he was driving himself and there was none at the accident place other than him. 

So, he must be writing new drafts every time as if it were a movie script. Police have already filed a case on him suo moto. 

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