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Western viewers tweet RRR is a gay movie

Western viewers tweet RRR is a gay movie

After several viewers from West took to Twitter to say that 'RRR' is a gay movie, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma tweeted, saying, "I was right." 

Varma attached a news report about people calling the movie gay with his tweet.

"Jaw-dropping action, yes...Adventure, yes...Revenge, yes...But why did none of you tell me RRR movie was so heartwarmingly gay??" a viewer wrote.

The ANI report shared by RGV, said many viewers, particularly in the West, were tweeting that RRR was a gay romance, and how much they enjoyed it.

One user shared on Twitter, “Sorry but RRR is a bl movie for me. They are so gay. Idc (I don't care) about that token white ‘saviour’.” Another user wrote, “Jaw-dropping action, yes. Adventure, yes. Revenge, yes. But why did none of you tell me #RRRMovie was so heartwarmingly gay??” A user also tweeted, “Very gay indeed.”

Soon after the film’s release, many Indian Twitter users also termed RRR a queer movie.

One user wrote, “Watched RRR, so basically it's like your everyday South Indian Movie, but with gay relationship.” Another Twitter user wrote, “OKAY Nobody’s saying it. IM GOING IT SAY IT. RRR is super QUEER-CODED. Like it’s so f***ing gay, I can’t function. And I'm sure it wasn’t an accident either. I love it so much and I hope my homosexuals get together in the second part. Please make it happen.”

Another one tweeted about RRR, “This was my heartstopper.” One user tweeted, “RRR is about two gay boys in love.”

Set in 1920s Delhi, RRR narrates the story of two individuals — Ramaraju (Ram Charan) and Bheem (Jr NTR), who become close friends during the British rule in India.

Ramaraju works for the British, but faced much humiliation for his skin colour. While, Bheem, belonging to Gond tribe, came to Delhi to rescue a young girl called Malli.

The camaraderie between Ram Charan and Jr NTR in the film has been appreciated by critics and fans alike.


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