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We Shot Ugram Climax In 15 Nights: Naresh

We Shot Ugram Climax In 15 Nights: Naresh

Allari Naresh doesn’t want to be called by the same name and his name is changed to Naresh from Naandhi.

The actor will appear in a complete intense character in Ugram directed by Naandhi maker Vijay Kanakamedala.

Naresh in his exclusive interview with tells how different Ugram is from his previous movie.

“I earlier did action movies. But I didn’t do a full-fledged action movie. I had a confusion when my comedy movies were turning flops. I worried whether people will accept me in a serious role when I did Naandhi. Vijay convinced me that the audience connected “to my character in Maharshi. I decided to do content movies, whether it has fun or seriousness in the subject.

The title song presented Naresh in a ferocious avatar. The actor informs to have shot it in night times. “The song comes during the climax action portion. It has a huge emotion. We shot it for 15 nights. Vijay challenged me, in terms of body language, facial expressions etc. He wanted intensity in my face and was firm about my body to be stiff all the time. We did 3 days of rehearsals before we went to shoot the climax portion.”

Naresh says Vijay believes in teamwork.

“He has great clarity and he acts and shows every scene. There are 3 variations in my character. The story spans 5 years. The character needs to look lean as SI and needs to put on weight after he becomes CI. I cut my hair short for the last variation.”

The actor hopes that Vijay will become a big director and he may not get to work with him in the near future.

“I’m happy to associate with Vijay for the second time. He has great clarity on everything. He will definitely become a star director.”

Naresh revealed that he is part of Nagarjuna’s movie with Bezawada Prasanna.

“Nagarjuna is my favorite star. I’m part of the movie. Thankfully, I got solid roles in movies with other stars. Likewise, I got a good character in Nagarjuna’s movie.”

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