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Watch: Nani's Straight Opinion On Sandeep Vanga

Watch: Nani's Straight Opinion On Sandeep Vanga

Hero Nani clarified that he has never approached anyone or any director for a film.

According to him, he has consistently adhered to the philosophy even with directors like Mani Ratnam, emphasizing that a film should evolve organically rather than being meticulously planned. 

In an interview with Great Andhra, Nani expressed his belief that the right projects will naturally come to him. 

Additionally, he mentioned that his approach differs from those who set specific times to collaborate with certain directors, as he prefers spontaneity over meticulous planning.

According to Nani, none of the successful films he has been a part of were meticulously planned; they all unfolded naturally.

The actor emphasized that he does not prioritize combination films and instead focuses on creating timeless movies. Examples he cited include "Jersey," "Dasara," and "Shyam Singh Roy."

Following the emotionally charged and grand production of "Dasara," Nani conveyed his intention to surpass that level with each subsequent film. He mentioned his upcoming project, "Hi Nanna," and assured that it will be a significant endeavor.

Regarding the film, Nani revealed that there won't be separate fun and love tracks, emphasizing that everything will be part of integral story.

He clarified the notion that the film was not made by calculating the balance between the heroine track and the subplot involving a child. 

Nani asserted that his casting choices, including newcomers, are driven by a desire to nurture talent, a sentiment also reflected in his selection of music directors for his films.

Nani made it clear that he is open to taking on challenging roles, even if they are akin to a cult film like "Animal." He stressed the importance of working with directors like Sandeep Vanga to discover and push his potential.

Reflecting on missed opportunities with big directors in the past due to scheduling conflicts, Nani acknowledged the possibility of such occurrences in the future.

The actor highlighted the collaborative effort in his films, noting that if a movie doesn't perform well in certain regions, his producers promptly compensate the losses for the buyers.

Nani emphasized that the success of a movie should not be gauged solely by its performance in specific regions and assured that his producers consistently yield profits. He concluded by underlining his meticulous attention to managing the production costs of his films.


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