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Watch: Four Directors About The Future Of OTT

Watch: Four Directors About The Future Of OTT

In what is being seen as the first breakthrough for Telugu entertainment, an anthology of four stories titled ‘Pitta Kathalu’ is arriving on Netflix.

This is the collection of four stories from four different filmmakers and they got to share their thoughts on the future of OTT and also a bit about their stories.

Below are a few excerpts from them. 

Tharun Bhascker:

My story has a rustic backdrop and hence there are those cuss words used. However, the internet has democratized the world of entertainment and especially when it comes to using rude language and cuss words. Reality is, sources are plenty but we have to choose.

In OTT, the audience has the power to choose what they want to watch so it becomes entirely their decision.

For me personally, most of my earlier projects had an urban backdrop so this was something which took me back to the roots as one of my short films was ‘Sainma’ which was made on a rural backdrop. 

Nandini Reddy:

When we heard about the talk of competition between Netflix and Aha due to this project, we smiled amongst ourselves.

Truth is, no matter how many OTTs come, Telugu audiences have this amazing appetite to consume it. This is good for the industry also.

Today, almost every actor and director is busy and their career graph is going up. A competition like this is most required and I would say it should be there for the next hundred years. 

Nag Ashwin:

The beauty about OTT is there is no technical permission process. Basically, they give us an outline of their budget, a theme per se and then they give us the creative freedom to come up with our story. We don’t get that usually. So, four of us thought about exploring four different subjects.

My story revolves about the side effects of technology and how the tool is useful but though we think we are in complete control of it, in hindsight, it is actually controlling us. 

Sankalp Reddy:

The way I have designed my story and characters is somewhat unconventional and this is possible only on an OTT platform. To put it plainly, this is a story with an ending that has no ending.

The reason for me crafting it like this is I want the audience to derive their own interpretations once they see the end.


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