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Vithika Sheru Lagging Behind In Bigg Boss Polls

Vithika Sheru Lagging Behind In Bigg Boss Polls

Vithika Sheru, wife of Varun Sandesh is likely to get evicted from Bigg Boss show this weekend.

She has been considered as one of the weakest contestants when she entered the Bigg Boss house, but she was able to make it to the final seven.

Varun Sandesh tried to save Vithika again from nominations, but his plan had gone haywire as Shiva Jyothi refused to rank Vithika ahead of her.

As a result, all the remaining seven contestants got nominated and as expected Vithika Sheru is currently lagging behind in all unofficial polls.

Vithika would get evicted unless Ali Reza or Shiva Jyothi harm their chances in this week, which is quite unlikely. Vithika's extended stay also has spoiled the chances of Varun from winning the title.

Varun Sandesh who used to play individual game in the initial weeks has started becoming over dependent on his wife and started working on tactics to keep her in house until the final week.

Varun has done serious damage to his chances of winning the title in last few days. He has lost his 'Mr. Cool' tag by getting into war of words with Rahul and Shiva Jyothi. 



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