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Vishwak Sen Removes His Controversial Post

Vishwak Sen Removes His Controversial Post

Vishwak Sen, who caused a stir with his social media post about the release of "Gangs of Godavari," has finally backed down. He took the post down from and Instagram.

According to sources, producer Naga Vamsi spoke with Vishwak Sen and forced him to delete immediately.

Naga Vamsi reportedly told Vishwak Sen that his social media post was not in good taste and promised to resolve the situation in a positive manner.

Vishwak Sen's post, on the other hand, elicited a mixed response.

While some people supported him, many others said the language he used was offensive and his actions demonstrated his immaturity.

Many people felt his pain, but the way he handled the situation did not sit well with the same people.

Some people called it a publicity stunt. However, by Sunday afternoon, he had deleted the posts, and the production team had started posting "Gangs of Godavari" promotional messages.


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