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Virat Kohli Tops with Rs 3.5-5 Cr per Brand Post

Virat Kohli Tops with Rs 3.5-5 Cr per Brand Post

In the realm of social media brand endorsements, celebrities often charge fees per Instagram post, with the amount being directly proportional to their number of followers.

With over 250 million followers, Virat Kohli currently holds the title of the most-followed Asian celebrity on Instagram. Reports indicate that he commands a hefty fee of Rs 3.5-5 crore for each brand post.

Following closely behind, Priyanka Chopra (87.7 million) and Shraddha Kapoor (80.8 million) reportedly charge 2 crore and 1.5 crore respectively for a single post.

Actresses Alia Bhatt (77.4 million) and Deepika Padukone (74.1 million) also feature prominently, demanding fees of Rs 1.5-2 crore per Insta post according to industry sources.

With a following of 72.8 million, Katrina Kaif is known to charge Rs 1 crore per brand post, solidifying her position in the endorsement landscape.


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