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Touching From Japan: Groove To Karthi's Vocals

Touching From Japan: Groove To Karthi's Vocals

The full song Touching Touching from Karthi and Anu Emmanuel’s unique crime and hilarious entertainer Japan has been unveiled.

GV Prakash Kumar scored a foot-tapping number that has energetic beats, while Karthi himself lent vocals, alongside the Oo Antava fame Indravati Chauhan.

While Karthi’s vocals are lively, Indravati brings seductiveness with her husky singing. Karthi sported a peculiar get-up, whereas Anu Emmanuel looked stunning.

The song was filmed in lavish sets and the choreography is just brilliant. The lead pair shared a sizzling chemistry in the song.

Dream Warrior Pictures produced the movie prestigiously, whereas Raju Murugan of Joker fame helmed it.

The movie is due for release in a couple of days through Annapurna Studios in Telugu states.


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