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Top 5: Small Success And An Epic Disaster

Top 5: Small Success And An Epic Disaster

1. Kota Bommali PS: This unexpected attention grabber has successfully found commercial success. While the collections may not be extraordinary, the modest reception is sufficient for the film to break even given its humble production costs.

Serving as the Telugu adaptation of the Malayalam hit 'Nayattu,' the narrative has undergone several changes to align with the Telugu audience.

"Kota Bommali PS" revolves around three policemen striving to establish their innocence after being framed for murder by a corrupt political system.

Directed by Teja Marni, the film features Meka Srikanth, Varalakshmi, Rahul Vijay, and Shivani Rajasekhar in prominent roles.

2. Aadikeshava: The movie emerged as en epic disater, registering its weakest performance at the box office within the first weekend.

Starring Sreeleela and Vaishnav Tej, the film struggled to garner positive reviews owing to its outdated storyline and clichéd narrative.

The gruesome action sequences did not align well with Vaishnav Tej's image, contributing to the film's failure.

The initial run of colelction appears to be ok, it is posing a challenge for the film to endure in the upcoming weekdays. 

3. Mangalavaaram: The film persists in its box office journey into the second weekend. The collections have never been remarkable for this movie, right from the start, and the scenario remains unchanged, with minimal drop at the box office.

The run is ongoing, and its conclusion is yet to be determined. While it's not deemed a disaster, commercially, so far it doesn't appear to be a lucrative venture for the buyers.

A deficit of 30-40% seems likely by the end of its full run. This film marks the second collaboration between the Ajay Bhupathi-Payal Rajput duo. The cricket match marred the collection of this film on last Sunday. 

4. Bhagavant Kesari: Even into its sixth weekend since release, the film continues to generate box office revenue. The full run is not yet complete.

The film's action backdrop and the female sentiment portrayed in it have worked to its advantage.

Additionally, the superhit song 'Uyyalo Uyyala,' sung by SP Charan, has contributed to the overall positivity surrounding the film.

Currently, the collections in standalone theaters are outperforming those in multiplexes.

5. Sound Party: This is the tale of a father and son who embark on a venture to quickly amass wealth by opening a restaurant, only to find themselves entangled in legal troubles.

Their tumultuous journey lands them in prison, but with the support of their loved ones, they manage to escape and clear their names.

VJ Sunny and Hrithika Srinivas take on the lead roles, complemented by the comedic prowess of popular Telugu faces.

Directed by Sanjay Sheri and produced by Ravi Polishetty, the film received some positive feedback. However, the film's poor positioning and lack of publicity hindered its prospects.


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