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Top 5: Rajni And Sunny Shake The Industry

Top 5: Rajni And Sunny Shake The Industry

1. Jailer: From its very first day, the movie "Jailer" commanded packed theaters, a trend that persisted well into its second weekend.

The opening weekend hailed as a monumental triumph, and its weekday performance continued to captivate audiences.

As of now, this film proudly holds the premier spot among all releases spanning various Indian film industries, signifying Rajnikanth's most significant success of the decade.

So far the film crossed the Rs 500 crore mark at the box office worldwide.

2. Gadar 2: Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel reunite for "Gadar 2," a film that echoes their collaboration almost a quarter-century ago.

The magic of their pairing is once again evident at the box office, with strong collections across both the Hindi circuit and southern multiplexes.

Surprisingly, the movie's second-weekend earnings have also proven phenomenal, much to the astonishment of many viewers.

This film made a whopping Rs 375.10 crore as a cake walk and is set to cross the Rs 400 crore mark soon.

3. OMG 2: A sequel to the acclaimed "OMG," this installment sees Akshay Kumar transform from portraying Lord Krishna to embodying Lord Shiva.

The film has achieved success, although the mature educational theme is being perceived as 'adult' material in certain regions.

Consequently, some audience members hesitate to view it with their families. Nonetheless, the movie's box office performance remains positive thus far, albeit not reaching the heights of "Gadar 2" and "Jailer."

The film crossed the Rs 115 Crore mark in collections in India. 

4. Mr. Pregnant: Starring Syed Sohel, known from his stint on Big Boss, "Mr. Pregnant" explores the unique concept of male pregnancy.

Despite its intriguing premise, outdated screenplay and narrative execution have hindered its potential for a successful box office run.

Positioned as an experimental departure from the norm, the film's reception among audiences fails to meet expectations.

5. Prem Kumar: "Prem Kumar," featuring the talented youth icon Santhosh Sobhan, largely went unnoticed by the majority of audiences.

The film, despite evening show allocations by exhibitors, struggled to garner attention due to weak content and unfavorable word-of-mouth.

Disappointingly, negative reviews emerged right from the initial screening, preventing the movie from attracting crowds despite the familiarity of its lead actor.

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