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Top 5: Mega Disaster Of The Season

Top 5: Mega Disaster Of The Season

1. Acharya: The opening day collections are not as overwhelming as expected. This Chiranjeevi- Ram Charan starrer directed by Koratala Shiva disappointed the audience. No film was considered as disastrous as this in recent times.

The subsequent day collections have come down so miserably giving an impression that this may be going in the way of standing up as the biggest failure in Chiranjeevi's career after Mrugaraju.  

2. KGF 2: The film continues its menace at the box office. The Sunday collections of this film in many areas is bigger than that of the new release- Acharya.

The film broke the several lifetime records of industry hits in Telugu and stood in third position after Bahubali-2 and RRR.

The saga is still continuing and it is expected to see this film crossing RRR in the full run. So far the film joined the Rs 1000 Cr collection mark. 

3. RRR: This magnum opus by Rajamouli starring Ram Charan and NTR did the best in Telugu when compared to the other states.

The collections slowed down but this is the film that stands in its third position in this week's top list. The film could make a collection of Rs 1100 Cr on a  whole and the full run seems to be almost completed. It's time to see this film on OTT shortly. 

4. KRK: This is another disastrous film of the season. Vijay Sethupathi- Nayantara- Samantha starrer couldn't garner any interest among the audience.

The openings were dull and the talk is duller. Finally the result of the film ended as the dullest. No stardom of heroine and no image of the lead actor could help this film.

The full run of this film is technically completed as the collections are not even reasonable. 

5. Jana Gana Mana: This Malayalam product stands in the last position of the list. Tough the film boasts out to be holding the interest of viewers, the result is not seen at the box office.

Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Suraj in main roles, this is directed by Dijo Jose Antony. Finally it went unnoticed at the box office.


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