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Top 5: Devarakonda's Third Dud

Top 5: Devarakonda's Third Dud

1. Family Star: The highly anticipated film is losing momentum as it allegedly earned over Rs 3 crore on its third day in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and a few other locations bringing its total collection to around Rs 12 crore in the first three days.

The film failed to bring expected openings and the word of mouth also has been negative.

The film happens to be the third consecutive failure from Vijay Devarakonda after Liger and Khushi. 

2. Tillu Square: The film holds up well during the second weekend with impressive collections. The young audience has wholeheartedly embraced this film, and word of mouth publicity has been strong.

Collections remain steady in almost all areas making it one of the most entertaining films of recent times.

This film marks the second significant success of the year after "Hanu Man." Siddhu Jonnalagadda ascends further in his career with this film.

3. Manjummel Boys (Telugu): The film received a good opening due to the tremendous historical success of the Malayalam version in February.

Its simple yet skillfully executed concept, along with tension-filled moments, made the film both watchable and acclaimed.

Although the film made history in Malayalam in terms of collections, here in Telugu, the response is not as significant in comparison, although the opening collections and feedback are good.

4. Bharata Natyam: The film turned out to be a disaster due to its lack of publicity and the short attention span of the public.

The movie revolves around the theme of an assistant director, Raju Sundaram, who gets entangled in the criminal underworld and must outsmart some criminals to survive a deadly situation.

Surya Teja Aelay played the lead role, directed by KVR Mahendra. The film concluded its run at the box office without making any positive impact.

5. Crew: This Hindi film, starring Tabu, Kareena, and Kriti Sanon, is performing well in Hyderabad and in some multiplex regions.

Although the success is not as high as in the Hindi belt, the traction is better due to its screenplay and interesting storyline.

It tells the tale of three ordinary air hostesses from Mumbai who embark on a journey to pursue their dreams but find themselves entangled in unexpected misfortunes. Rajesh Krishnan directed the film.


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