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Top 5: Crime Thriller Sits On The Top

Top 5: Crime Thriller Sits On The Top

1. Mangalavaaram: This film stood out as the sole focus of moviegoers, facing no competition for attention.

While it enjoyed a strong start with favorable openings, the collections on Saturday failed to reach overwhelming levels, despite positive feedback from both viewers and critics.

Additionally, the impact of the World Cup Finals match on Sunday significantly hampered the film's box office performance.

It is only from today onwards that we will truly gauge the strength of this film.

2. Sapta Sagaralu Daati- Side B: This marks the second installment of the already critically acclaimed film "Sapta Sagaralu Daati Side A." However, the film's box office collections are surprisingly lackluster.

Despite a few fans of the first part attending, the turnout is not substantial, causing a significant dent in the overall collections.

Furthermore, the publicity surrounding the film is lackluster, with limited awareness circulating about its release.

3. Spark: This movie has miserably underperformed at the box office, failing to capture audience attention. In various centers, some shows were even canceled due to insufficient bookings.

The film struggled to make a significant impact with its trailer and poster, resulting in substantial damage to its box office performance.

Despite actresses like Mehreen and Rukshar Dhillon in prominent roles, the final outcome is disappointingly underwhelming.

4. Tiger 3: The collections have witnessed a significant decline. Despite initial expectations of a blockbuster, the film failed to reach anticipated heights, attributed to factors such as the World Cup Cricket matches and other reasons.

The word-of-mouth reviews were also less than stellar, ultimately leading to a decline in collections.

As the second weekend concluded, it is evident that the film has experienced a considerable slowdown at the box office.

The upcoming week may mark the end if the current situation persists.

5. Anveshi: Few are aware of the existence of a film of this nature. Ananya Nagalla took on the female lead role, with actors other than Ajay Ghosh being relatively unknown.

Overall, there was a lack of effective publicity, and the film's content failed to attract the audience's interest through its teaser or trailer.

Ultimately, the film turned out to be a disaster at the box office.


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