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Top 5: Comedy On Top- Rest At Bottom

Top 5: Comedy On Top- Rest At Bottom

1. Tillu Square: The movie continues to perform strongly into its third weeken by boasting impressive box office earnings.

It has garnered enthusiastic support from younger viewers with strong word of mouth publicity driving its success.

Across various regions the film's earnings have remained stable, solidifying its status as one of the most enjoyable films of recent memory. 

2. Geetanjali Malli Vacchindi: This new horror comedy from Kona Venkat was expected to pull the attention of many.

The openings were good but the positioning of the film and the word of mouth publicity fell short of getting the required impetus at the box office.

It has become very difficult for any film to outshine at the box office with an average of 'ok' feedback.

The film, though successfully delivered laughs in the mid part of the film, in totality it failed to grip the expectations of the present-day audience.

3. Love Guru: This dubbed film starring Vijay Antony is released by the big banner Mythri Movie Makers in Telugu.

But surprisingly the film failed to pull any attention from the audience, though the talk was good. Even the openings were miserable.

The lead actor, though possessing some identity in the Telugu market with his early films, failed to pull the attention of the audience even to a moderate extent.

The promotions and positioning of the film also seem to be poor.

4. Sriranga Neethulu: The film starring Suhas and Viraj Ashwin, with Ruhani Sharma as the female lead, failed to grab the audience's attention.

Though the lead actors have a track record and identity from being part of successful films, they were completely ignored by the audience. Many didn't even know that a film of this sort had come to theaters.

The film was declared a disaster on the day of its release, with miserable collections.

5. DeAr: The film, with popular music director GV Prakash playing the lead and Aishwarya Rajesh as the female lead, has experienced a debacle.

The audience didn't even know that a film of this sort was in theaters last week. Despite being a dubbed version, there has been not even an iota of awareness about this film.

It is a startling truth that the audience are not at all caring for the films which don't make noise in the media before their release.

It is needless to say that it is a complete wash out at the box office.


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