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Top 5: A Huge Disaster For Chiranjeevi

Top 5: A Huge Disaster For Chiranjeevi

1. Jailer: The film opened to full houses and is still running with the same energy in many centers.

The opening weekend proved to be a massive success, and the performance on weekdays needs to be observed from today onwards.

So far, this film has held the top position among all the releases from different film industries in India. This marks Rajnikanth's biggest hit of this decade.

2. Bholaa Shankar: Even though it released amidst expectations and was the most popular among the new movies released, it lost its sheen very quickly.

By the second day, not many people were interested, and even on the first Sunday, there wasn't much improvement.

Box office collections indicate that this movie might become one of the biggest failures in Chiranjeevi's career. 

3. Gadar 2: This is like a comeback film for Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel, who paired up to do the same film almost 25 years ago.

The magic is being repeated at the box office, and the collections are strong in the Hindi circuit.

The multiplexes in cities outside the Hindi film circuit are also recording good collections, and its performance on weekdays needs to be observed starting from today.

4. OMG 2: This is the sequel to the highly acclaimed "OMG," in which Akshay Kumar portrayed Lord Krishna, whereas in this sequel, he takes on the role of Lord Shiva.

The film has emerged as a successful venture, but the adult education theme within the film is being considered as 'adult' stuff in certain regions. As a result, some viewers are hesitating to watch the film with their families.

Nevertheless, the film is performing well at the box office, with collections ringing in positively so far.

5. Bro: The film by Pawan Kalyan, which was released recently, is nearing the end of its theatrical run, with many centers looking with scanty audience.

This movie, centered around the theme of God and human relationship, was a remake of a Tamil film by the same director.

Unfortunately, it didn't resonate with the audience for several reasons, ranging from issues with the content to how it was adapted to fit Pawan Kalyan's persona.

Overall, the film has turned out to be a box office disappointment.


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