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Tollywood Heroes Running To Farm Houses

Tollywood Heroes Running To Farm Houses

Heroes used to visit their farmhouses on weekends to chill out in the past. But they have decided to go to farmhouses to escape from the clutches of the novel coronavirus. 

Well, some heroes have already made the necessary arrangements in their farmhouses and they are ready to move. Just that they have to vacate their houses.

With the steep rise in the Covid-19 positive cases in Telangana after the unlock, celebrities are worried about their health.

Moreover, the recent developments like a Tollywood producer succumbing to Covid-19, Bollywood celebs being tested positive, the Telugu film celebrities got alerted. 

All the top stars have secured their homes with disinfectants. They have undergone Covid-19 tests with the help of private lab technicians at the comfort of their homes by doctor's advice.

They are still worried even after taking so many precautions to keep away from infection. 

Some big stars are planning to go to their farmhouses in AP and they have made preparations to go there with their family anytime. But some stars are worried that if their migration news gets leaked to the media, it will dent their image. 

On the other hand, some celebrities have reached their farmhouses on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

The Tollywood biggies requested the government for the permissions of film shoots saying that the cine workers are losing their livelihood a few weeks ago. 

They have confined themselves to their houses after the government granted them the required permissions. They have stopped the newspapers. They are not allowing their relatives to visit them. They have sent away the staff long ago. 

Now, they are getting ready to move to the farmhouses leaving the maids.

One thing is certain, Tollywood is literally scared of coronavirus. While the daily wage workers are struggling to meet their ends due to the lack of work, industry biggies are terrified.

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