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Sye Raa Trailer: Intense, Powerful and Highly Emotional

Sye Raa Trailer: Intense, Powerful and Highly Emotional

The wait is finally over and the much awaited trailer of the year is here. Sye Raa Nrasimha Reddy trailer is super intense, bloody powerful and highly emotional with Megastar Chiranjeevi stealing the thunder as the India's first freedom fighter.

"Atanu karanajanmudu, atanoka yogi, atanoka yodhudu, atadini evaru apaleru," the trailer introduces Narasimha Reddy's character with these lines.

Every key character gets their moments of glory in this spectacular trailer.

Amitabh Bachchan, Sudeep, Vijay Sethupati, Nayanthara and Tamanna all look intensely powerful in their respective roles.

The visuals are grand and does justice to the crores of rupees spent on the film. The background sound gives us a rousing feeling and the cinematography is nothing short of sensational.

Action scenes are breathtaking and the visual effects are on point. Director Surender Reddy proves his worth in handling a movie of this gigantic scale and has given a strong reply to his doubters.

Producer Ram Charan's confidence in the subject and director is visible in every frame of Sye Raa trailer.

The three minute trailer has taken the hype around the film to a whole new level. It is sure to grab the attention of Non-Telugu audience with its scale and stunning technical aspects.

Sye Raa is a visual spectacle with full-on emotional content that will make every film lover eagerly wait for viewing it in full glory on the big screen. 



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