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Sundeep Kishan Revealed Core Story Of OPBK

Sundeep Kishan Revealed Core Story Of OPBK

The upcoming film Ooru Peru Bhairavakona starring Sundeep Kishan under the direction of VI Anand is a multi-genre film that is set for release on the 16th of this month. Ahead of the release, the team took part in a Q &A session with the media.

Director VI Anand expressed his happiness over the way the movie shaped up and he stated that the delay is a blessing in disguise for them.

“Bhairavakona is a complete family entertainer. It is a supernatural fantasy and has a good love story. The movie has some references from Garuda Puranam. The magic wand that the hero carries is Shiva Dandam.

Sundeep Kishan has put in his best efforts in the movie. We shot the climax portion for 6 days and Sundeep performed stunts without any dupe. He was literally sleepless during the shoot of that action part.”

Sundeep Kishan thanked Anand for giving him the project.

“I’m proud to say that VI Anand’s first movie was with me. Raja is very close to me. Hasya Movies is like my home banner. For now, we want to release the movie in Telugu only, although we are getting offers in other languages. We are holding premieres two days before the film’s release. It’s because we are very confident about the movie.”

The actor also revealed the core point of the movie.

“The love story in the movie is very poetic and emotional. The core story is about how gods and demons get involved in the process of one man helping another.”

Producer Rajesh Danda and presenter Anil Sunkara also expressed their confidence in the outcome of the movie.


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