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Sujeeth On 'Chatrapathi' Hindi Remake

Sujeeth On 'Chatrapathi' Hindi Remake

There has been news making rounds that the "Saaho" director Sujeeth is making the Hindi remake of the superhit film "Chatrapathi" with Belamkonda Srinivas in the lead. That's planned as a debut for Bellamkonda Srinivas in Bollywood. 

But indirectly, Sujeeth mentioned, "“Ae remake uu cheyatledu!!” (I am not doing any remakes).

There is a grapevine that Sujeeth is now in the mood of making his own script to narrate to a big hero. It is known that Sujeeth was called to remake Lucifer with Chiranjeevi but he was opted out due to creative differences. 

On the other hand, Sujeeth to one of his fans said that he is going to release the deleted scenes from Saaho after adding some VFX work shortly. 

His tweet to his fan is like this: "I will try to release deleted scenes from Saaho. Need to add some VFX to a scene and the company which does that is not active now due to COVID. Kindly be patient. I will make it with my own money".


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