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Sujeeth is Happy, Harish and Krish in Distress

Sujeeth is Happy, Harish and Krish in Distress

Pawan Kalyan is currently involved in multiple projects, but only one is actively being filmed.

Despite his busy schedule with the Varahi Yatra in Kakinada, the shooting for the film "OG" is taking place in Hyderabad, featuring actors such as Sreya Reddy and Shaam.

Director Sujeeth is capturing crucial scenes without Pawan Kalyan's presence.

Harish Shankar and Krish, on the other hand, are uncertain about when they will be called for their respective shoots.

Harish Shankar completed an 8-day shooting schedule in April but has no information about the commencement of the second schedule for "Ustaad Bhagat Singh."

Krish is experiencing considerable anxiety as his film "Hari Hara Veera Mallu" has been put on hold for a significant period.

If Pawan Kalyan had allocated him two months at a time, Krish could have completed the entire shoot. However, Pawan Kalyan chose to prioritize "Bro" and "OG" instead.

Consequently, while Sujeeth is content with the smooth progress of his film, Krish and Harish Shankar are dissatisfied with the situation.


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