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Stupid Fans End Up As Nuisance Mongers

Stupid Fans End Up As Nuisance Mongers

Nowadays, there is a growing trend of re-releasing films in Tollywood. This is partly due to the absence of major releases from popular heroes this year, which has encouraged such endeavors.

Old hits featuring actors like Pawan, Mahesh, and NTR have started making their way back to theaters. Initially, the plan was to have one or two screenings, but now it has escalated to multiple re-releases.

Previously, this was not a frequent occurrence, but it has become a habit in recent times. As long as it brings joy to the fans and provides entertainment, re-releases are happening, even though the films are readily available online.

However, the chaotic behavior of fans is creating problems in the theaters.

Every movie is being sold out in theaters. The screens are ablaze with excitement. This phenomenon is not limited to just one town in AP; it extends to London and America as well. It doesn't mean that all these people are illiterates.

In fact, some of them are well-educated individuals who have migrated abroad for employment. However, wisdom and decorum seem to be lacking when they involve themselves in throwing pieces of cut newspapers in theaters.

Would they behave like this in their apartments abroad? If they did, they would be evicted within two days. But in theaters, they let their emotions run wild.

Recently, a re-released film was given theaters in many districts. However, some individuals representing the hero's fan base entered the scene and caused havoc. They vandalized seats and damaged screens.

But we cannot solely blame these individuals. The theaters should not have given them the opportunity in the first place. The phenomenon of ruckus in theaters continues. It's a problem that educated people lack even a hint of fear.


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