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Story is Real Hero in My Films: Adivi Sesh

Story is Real Hero in My Films: Adivi Sesh

Adivi Sesh has brought craze to the thriller genre in Tollywood with “Kshanam”. All his recent movies were successful and his upcoming thriller “Evaru” has already generated great buzz with its intriguing trailer.

Starring Regina Cassandra in the main role as a rape victim and Adivi Sesh as a corrupt police officer, the trailer has left us in wanting more.

The film is produced by the ‘Kshanam’ producer PVP and directed by newcomer Venkat Ramji.

Adivi Sesh confesses that he takes pride in reviving this genre in Tollywood.

“After Kshanam, this is a true-blue thriller I had done. Goodachari was designed more like an action movie. This one is a pucca thriller with twists and turns. Much like Kshanam, this too has striking emotions. I feel proud that we have set a trend with Kshanam and the genre is now doing well in Telugu cinema,” Sesh said. 

Regina Cassandra who won great appreciation in “Awe” last year said this film came to her at a crucial juncture.

“This role came to me at the right time. I am really happy and thankful to the team for considering me for this great role,” she said. 

She has been playing different roles of late.

“If you find a success formula, you feel comfortable but as an actor, you need to pull up everything thing. Versatility should be there. This is why I keep playing different characters,” she said. However, she doesn’t get preoccupied with the roles she plays always. “As a rule, I never take my role to home. Once the director yells ‘cut’, I will forget about the role and be my self. I am a human being, I not mere actress,” she adds.

Adivi Sesh has a great appreciation for reviews.

“One of the best reviews we have received for Goodachari was from Greatandhra. It was one review that spoke about the film, instead of the hero. GreatAndhra reviews make a huge difference in the overseas market, that we have to accept and it also makes us artistes feel proud when we read such great reviews,” he praised.


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