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Srikakulam Sherlock Holmes Title Song : A rural musical delight

Srikakulam Sherlock Holmes Title Song : A rural musical delight

Actor Vennela Kishore known for his expertise in entertaining everyone with his comic timing is getting ready once again in the lead role as "Srikakulam Sherlock Holmes”. A crime comedy entertainer set in the remote village of Srikakulam.

The makers have launched the their first single ‘Ma Ooru Srikakulam' and Blockbuster Director Harish Shankar launched this song and expressed his admiration for the team behind "Srikakulam Sherlock Holme.

Composed by the talented Sunil Kashyap, the song captures the essence of Srikakulam with its catchy and melodious tune making it a rural musical delight for the listeners.

Penned by the Ramajogaiah Sastry. The words beautifully encapsulate the spirit and vibrancy of Srikakulam, painting a vivid picture of the locale and its people.

Known for her powerful and emotive voice, Mangli brings the lyrics to life with her spirited vocals.

Written and Directed by Writer Mohan, The film has Ananya Nagalla in the lead role. Produced by Vennapusa Ramana Reddy under the Sri Ganapathi Cinemas banner and presented by Laasya Reddy.


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