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Sreeleela's Career Between Flops And Hopes

Sreeleela's Career Between Flops And Hopes

Perhaps the young actress Sreeleela was aware that her poorly-conceived role in 'Extra Ordinary Man' wouldn't make waves, leading her to refrain from actively participating in the film's promotions.

"She likely realized the futility of promoting the film since her role was limited to just being eye candy in this comedic caper," suggests a source.

Earlier, she was reluctant to promote her last release, 'Adhikesava,' citing date issues and eventually avoiding appearances in promotions, only for her role in the film to turn out disappointing.

However, she can find comfort in the significant success of 'Bhagavanth Kesari,' which justified her pre-release enthusiasm, as she claimed to be playing a challenging role.

Armed with good looks and talent, she has become the most sought-after actress in Tollywood, landing roles with big stars like Pawan Kalyan ('Ustaad Bhagat Singh') and Mahesh Babu ('Guntur Kaaram') to propel her to the top league.

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