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Sound Cut Of Ranarangam: An Intriguing Video

Sound Cut Of Ranarangam: An Intriguing Video

Director Sudheer Varma has a great grip over technical aspects of filmmaking.

Being an ardent fan of Quentin Tarantino and Ram Gopal Varma, his shot making has so much similarities with them.

Anybody who saw Ranarangam promos will surely be impressed with shot making, sound and cinematography.

Sudheer takes a lot of care about all the technical aspects and here is a glimpse of the sound cuts in Ranarangam.

Sound Cut of Ranarangam features all the minute sound effects that are used in the film ranging from water splashing, car tyres screeching, guns clicking, glass breaking to guns blazing. Every effect is so crystal clear that it enhances the scene.

This is an innovative way to promote a film and as Ranarangam gets closer to the release day, the curiosity over the film is increasing with such intriguing promos.

Sharwanand is looking super intense in the nineties getup.



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